venturing forth

We rode clouds of fire, chariots of burning orange, in advancing ranks away from the horizon.  Armed with the sharpened wits and long finely honed experiences of our embattled lives we held firm in the belief and pride that success would surely follow.  The heavens had nothing left to counter our tactical march toward victory.

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We were naïve fools, the product of delusions and expectant entitlements pushed on us by those who wanted more for us than they wanted for themselves.

The night rose from the opposite horizon and met our advance swiftly.  We were overwhelmed and swallowed within the mighty maw of that darkness.  The hot coals of our rage were dowsed and the color drained away until nothing remained to distinguish our battalions from the foe we had hoped to vanquish.

Fireworks slowly winked against the backdrop of oblivion, but it was impossible to tell if they were there to celebrate the darkness or to give us hope that we would once again be able to gather our strength and forces and re-forge our sunset fired battle charge.  We looked for further clues of what the future held but chaos laughed away our attempts.  Resting.  Waiting.  We settled into the embrace of night and watched the show unfold.

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Time, carried forward by world scraping winds, slipped from our tenuous grasp to swirl in small eddies that led to the cold, deep, and swift currents.

We grew old waiting for a new spark to ignite our hearts.  We grew weak in the idleness of watching the world turn below us.  We grew tired, mind, body and spirit, and we closed our eyes against the harsh dancing lights.  Sleep stole upon us and secreted us away to the halls of vibrant dreams and desires where right and wrong always stood in stark contrast and love always conquered any who dared rise against her.  The lullabies of life calmed our stirrings and we drifted further into the darkness.

We woke gently to yawn and stretch as the hint of day caressed the edge of the world.  Our limbs and minds had been rejuvenated, reminded by the dreams of all possibilities that could be eventualities should only we have the courage and energy to fight for them.  We took up our broken and depleted chariots and quietly set about the task of readying them again for war.

The night had been good for us, allowing the opportunity to pause and reflect.  We hadn’t lost all of our naivety, but we understood that a certain amount of innocence was critical to our endeavor.  We could never lose sight of the hope that urged us forward day after day.  If we did, we would be lost in the darkness forever wandering between the empty battlefields of our past and the pristine visions of our dreams.

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A perfect dream is still only a dream and means nothing without getting up every morning, dusting yourself off, and venturing forth in pursuit of the better world you want to see.



12 thoughts on “venturing forth

    • Kind of funny… I know I normally start strong and then fall off a bit the longer I type… the imagery within the words just isn’t as good. But, this felt strong the whole way through.

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