time will tell

“Off with his head!”
“What was his crime?”
“Wrong place, wrong time:
Fears need be fed.”


“What will we gain?”
“Nothing, everything,”
His shoulders shrug,
His face is smug.
“Will it hurt, sting?”
“Quick, then no pain.”


Hooded black masks,
Stone sharpened steel,
Tested by feel,
No going back.


“But to what end?
Why risk waking,
Sleeping giant?”
Light off sword glints,
Lips are sneering,
Eyes cleave and rend.


“Those comatose,
Toothless, cowards,
Have no power,
And ours still grows.”


Mumbles, “Mistake…”
The camera rolls.
The sword swings through,
Collects its due.
The film is full.
“Destiny waits!”


From dreaming well,
The giant stirs,
And takes notice.
But what happens next is a story that only time can tell.


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