The poetic dynamo, Hasty, was kind enough to write a duet with me. Head on over and check it out.


Another new duet partner.  Thank you for writing with me Matticus

Also, I am using an image I found of an artist named Khaled al Saai, who is incredible and I hope you check out his art site by clicking on the picture.

alsaii Calligraphy by Khaled al Saai

Written by Matticus and HastyWords

The ‘sphere, smooth, invitingly gleams,
Word by word, clean, I loose my waltz,
Rise and fall, elegant, a dream,
But the story spins, discord, the music halts.

The atlas upon which I had always spun,
Stood silent inside these forgotten halls.
Upset tapestries billowed curses at the sun,
As shadows wrote blasphemy on my walls.

Steps falter, unknown, across the floor,
Balance shifts, lost, gracelessly flails,
The line breaks, shattered, spills out its moor,
The written dance, chaos, slips the rails.

Rusty tears free form into a manic dive,
Smearing stains, blurred arcs, finding rest;
A spilled…

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