Prompt: Finish the Story (#5)

It’s Tuesday!  And we all know what that means!  The worst day of the week, hooray, hooray, hoo … oh, wait.  No, that’s not what it means anymore.  Now it’s Finish the Story prompt day!  That’s really worth celebrating.

In a bit of sad news, I no longer have access to WordPress for most of the day and will consequentially be far less prompt (see what I did there?) in reply to comments.  But, I will reply to all of them, eventually.  I promise.

And, I will even do proper pingbacks and recognition for everyone who plays along with these silly prompts, eventually, too.

And here’s the new one:


The girl who sang the blues finished her pleas for a new car, a color TV, and a night on the town, the player shuffled down a song, and the unmistakeable sounds of the E-Street Band took her place.  The Boss began to sing from his soul, and then his harmonica plucked yours loose to hauntingly tag along as he raced down the streets.

Blue flashes sparked off the dull red glow of the taillights shining in the windshield as you pressed firmly down on the gas pedal and sped through the morning gloom.  You didn’t mean to speed but you couldn’t help it either.  The car was trying to catch up to your soul as it flitted through memories of your past and visions of your dreams.

The Jack of Hearts, standing on the sidewalk next to a mangled motorcycle, his leg in a cast, caught your attention, a crystal clear image bursting from the blurred edges, but then you turned back to the road, back to the pursuit, back to the chase you’d been on before he’d caught your eye.  Bruce’s voice didn’t allow time for distractions.  There was too much urgency.  There was too much at stake.

The lights streamed into continuous lines of red.  Other colors swirled away to be swallowed by the darkness.  A warm glow on the horizon heralded the imminent arrival of dawn, but its time hadn’t come yet, and there were still miles to travel before it did…


13 thoughts on “Prompt: Finish the Story (#5)

  1. but time’s a funny thing. one may think they have it, yet in a split second everything can change. It was the blood curdling scream coming from her, the women sitting next to him in the car. His foot hit the gas hard. It was both involuntary and necessary. Good thing no one was ahead of him. Again she screamed. He grabbed his phone trying desperately to dial 911 all the while traveling at top speed and honking his horn lest someone get in his way.

    The baby was coming and he wasn’t sure he would get her to the hospital on time. He prayed he could. Still struggling to call for help he’d taken his eyes off the road. He hears an operator respond. “911 what’s your emergency.” He looks back at the road just as the semi hits them head on. All the operator hears is the crash. Then silence.

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