quick updates

There is a new post up on Stories That Must Not Die.  It’s about overcoming abuse and is worth reading.  Please head over and leave a comment of support for the author: Things Are Never Usually What They Seem

Brother Jon (BroJo!) was kind enough to feature me today as part of his “year of bloggers, for bloggers” series.   He has some nice things to say about me and he waxes philosophical about the Legend of Zelda.  You don’t want to miss it: Kingdoms


Today is my Two Year Blogging Anniversary on WordPress!  Wow.  Two years.  Can’t believe it has already been that long.  Some stats to go with that: 852 posts (including this one), 2,000+ spam bot followers, and more than handful of new friends, including some I’d start revolutions for, more than 35,000 views across 117 different countries, a whole lot of silliness, and an occasional brilliant moment…

What has been your favorite Matticus Kingdom moment over the last two years?


45 thoughts on “quick updates

  1. The movie quote posts, Little Prince updates, saving the kingdom (even if certain people weren’t involved 😉 ) and of course, DC vs Marvel!

    Happy bloggity birthday!

  2. Congratulations, DJ!

    I don’t know if I have a favorite moment. But it is so nice reading your writing, your comments and just plain having you around the ‘sphere.

      • Late? Not late. You just refused to conform to the standards that society wanted to place on you.
        I think I would have benefited from some time away from school before going to college, but it never seemed like an option. I finished high school and college was the next step. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t ready for it, had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and wouldn’t appreciate it as a learning experience. Oh, I had a lot of fun. But, I would have gotten a thousand times more out of the whole experience if I’d been older, and had some work experience, and knew more about myself and what I wanted out of life…
        So, no, you aren’t late…

    • Oh, he has all done broughten those there shenanigans! Yeah. That. And, no, I have no idea what I just said.
      It is probably time for another LP post. He does something noteworthy every day. I’ll try to pay attention this weekend and write something up next week.

  3. While I would probably start a revolution for some guacamole and a good IPA, I have definitely found some great friends here that I would go to bat for – the Kingdom being one of the top. Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy two year bloggy birthday…a fave is impossible to pick…your letter to the Little Prince…love, love…all of the others came in close second.

    • Yeah, that letter was pretty special. Maybe I should write him another one.
      Dear Little Prince,
      Calm down! Go to sleep!
      The very tired Jester and Queen

      • That’s the one he will save. In 11 years he will show it to you when you are waking him up for the 13,000th time and he will tell you to make up your mind.

  5. Congrats on 2 years buddy! I’d start revolutions for you too. 😉
    My favorite moment here so far has been getting to know you. (& I love your fiction! Please, please, please write a book!)

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