save point

They had created a written language all their own to hide messages from prying eyes.  They had a hangout they routinely gathered at to discuss ideas and formulate plots.  They had strict membership requirements to make sure that only the best candidates could join their ranks.  But, for a secret organization, as they styled themselves, they weren’t very secretive or organized.

Frank and Charles bummed rides from their parents and they met in John’s parents’ basement.  Their meetings rarely stayed on topic.  They had yet to agree upon a course of action or attempt a single coup.  Usually they ended up just watching movies and playing video games, their master plans for world domination left strewn across the top of their workbench, which every other night of the week doubled as a washing machine.

Everyone at school knew about their club, too.  The three members thought that because no one had approached with any interest of joining that meant they had managed to keep their existence somewhat quiet.  The truth, however, was that none of the other students wanted anything to do with their madness.  Frank, Charles, and John would have been find with that if they had known.  They’d have liked being thought of as mad.

They were mad.  Mad with a world spiraling out of control.  Mad about their inability to do anything about that.  Mad that they seemed to be standing alone against the bleak future.  As they went round and round trying to come up with something that might work, one brilliant idea for the rest of the world to latch on to and embrace before it was too late, they would eventually become mad at themselves too for not being able to agree on anything.

Their voices would raise, their fists would pump animatedly, and one parent of the other would yell down the stairs to “keep it down” or “knock it off” and then the three would roll their eyes, make truces, and take much needed breaks to clear their thoughts and start over.  The gaming consoles were never out of arms reach.

The fate of the world could wait until they’d reached the next save point.


I don’t know.  I picked one of the prompts and these were the words that came to me for it.  What would you write about for this week’s InMonster writing challenge?

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The Rules

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No really; I need rules!

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12 thoughts on “save point

  1. Actually, this is probably a little too close to reality. In some instances we unfortunately do know what comes next as it has played out in the media. However, this is very well written and VERY believable.

    • Interesting…
      I hadn’t even considered the recent surge in school shootings while writing this. I had in mind much younger kids… elementary school age, and their plans for world domination were all part of the make believe world they had created for themselves. I was going for sinister rather than silly. I guess I failed in that.

  2. I’m sure any secret club I was a part of would be like this, too. Who wants to deal with reality when escape in the form of an xbox is right there??

  3. I love how it’s sort of cute and amusing at beginning and end, but serious in the middle. Didn’t we all have that kind of passion and determination to change the world when we were young? But we’re too young to know HOW and then we just get jaded. And perhaps overwhelmed.

    Nicely done.

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