Somewhere lost in the Sierra again.


Somewhere lost in the Sierra again.

I long for the quiet of the wild places, that dangerous whisper that lures your soul forward with the enchanting music of nature while hiding the teeth and nails of the beasts lurking in the shadows.  It’s edgy.  It’s addictive.  It’s the lullaby of my youth and the anthem of my future.

I long for the cool waters of the mountain streams, that swirl around my tired legs offering painful chills and soothing comfort in equal measures.  It’s calming.  It’s sharp.  It’s the moment that grounds me in the reality of the beautiful world blooming on the paths I walk.

I long for the star dazzled sky, that hints at all the possibilities that could ever be, worlds within worlds, and firmly reminds me of how terribly small I am.  It’s captivating.  It’s terrifying.  It’s the truth that no matter how much we matter in the lives we lead on this Earth, we are nothing and never will be in the universal scope of things.

I long for the untouched lands, that view of the world as it was before man walked upon it, unmarred by our advances, our triumphs, our failures.  It’s beautiful.  It’s home.  It’s how I recharge and face the truths of my life, my commuter lifestyle, my hypocrisy, my seasons away from the quiet, the rivers, the stars, and the untouched lands.


This will be my last post for a bit.  I’m heading out on a backpacking trip that will necessitate that I unplug for a couple days.  I’m very much looking forward to both the trip and unplugging.


61 thoughts on “lullaby

  1. This is so beautiful… have captured that healing aspect of nature so impeccably! Unplug. Rejuvenate. And,don’t get lost 😉

  2. Good for you! There’s something about nature that is so restorative. By the way, this post reminds me very strongly of Bilbo Baggins in FotR:

    “I want to see mountains again, Gandalf, mountains, and then find somewhere where I can rest. In peace and quiet, without a lot of relatives prying around, and a string of confounded visitors hanging on the bell. I might find somewhere where I can finish my book.”

    • Hey!!! We just missed each other. We went over Duck Pass, spend some days on the JMT and then headed out over Mammoth Pass. Did you get caught in any of the rain?

      • Oh, sad. :-/
        We started our trip on July 7th… So, funny.
        The clouds really helped keep the temperature somewhat reasonable while we were hiking.

      • Inside Yosemite, the temperature was 105 and I don’t remember how I finished hiking up those trails. I think the goal of reaching those scenic beauties kept me motivated. 🙂

      • How wild that you two were hiking in the same general time and vicinity, only to be paired up together for 6 songs upon your returns.

        Can’t make this stuff up!

        Hope you had a wonderful time Matticus and that the unplugged time was helpful.

      • It’s a small world after all. 😉
        I enjoyed the unplugged time… maybe too much?
        Not sure what I mean by that really. My writing hasn’t been as enjoyable recently. I’ve been too worried about stats and making sure I take the time to read all the blogs I follow and trying to write things that people want to read… bad habits. Well, reading the awesome that everyone I follow writes isn’t necessarily a bad habit but it does take time… time that should be spent at work, or with The Queen and Little Prince, or writing… or… running. 😉 And, now I’m rambling…
        It will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple weeks as I adjust to life back in the real world.
        Thank you for letting me part of the 6 songs series. Oh, it was a great challenge to narrow it down to those I included, and I was somewhat surprised by how the whole thing turned out.

      • Oh I understand very much. It’s nearly impossible to have a full life and still have time to read and write and comment on blogs. I finally had to let go of a lot on the blogging side — little breaks can rejuvenate and rebalance and remind us what we’re missing in the tangible world.

        My advice? If it’s not fun, if you’re writing for stats and for others, or a sense of obligation, take a break. Wait for the itch to come back and then aim for moderation. Take care of you and your family first, ya know? You have to go live and experience to have something to write about.

        It’ll all be okay. 🙂

  3. Beautiful post! It occurs to me that there are types in our world today (and probably all the centuries prior) who do not understand this enough to be of service to them:

    “It’s the truth that no matter how much we matter in the lives we lead on this Earth, we are nothing and never will be in the universal scope of things.”

    Shame, that. 😉

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