less beautiful

Oh, what a Cup it has been.  Upsets.  Goals.  Drama.  Highs.  Lows.  It has been a testament to what the game should be.  Interest has peaked in places it normally doesn’t.  The whole world is watching.

It has been beautiful.

Enter Luis Suarez…

I hope the proper authorities are reviewing the footage.  And, if it is found that he did in fact bite Giorgio Chiellini, I hope he is banned from the game for life.

Bite a player once, and apologize, okay fine.  I don’t understand it, but, maybe it can be forgiven.

Bite a player twice…  Well, I can’t really explain how you are still playing.  But, benefit of the doubt, sure… Okay.  We’ll give you one more chance.

Bite a player three times…

Please, FIFA, ban him for life.  Make the game beautiful again.


74 thoughts on “less beautiful

    • Well, in some cases, they are still kids. I think the youngest player at the tournament is 17… But, yeah, biting. I don’t understand how he is still playing.

  1. Eww, what?
    As a child, one of my favorite stories had the moral, “No fighting, no biting.” I really didn’t think it was a necessary addendum, but apparently it is.

    • Yeah, after bite 1 and bite 2 it seems a tad ridiculous he was given another chance. If he is allowed to continue…? Well, hopefully that won’t be the case.

    • Maybe you are a better parent than the ones he had?
      Maybe it’s a cultural thing?
      Maybe I’m just being silly and there is no reasonable explanation?

  2. I like Jaded’s suggestion of taking out his teeth. Or maybe fit him with a Hannibal Lecter face mask thingie? I hope he’s not had any kids yet, because we don’t want that stupidity passed on into the gene pool…

  3. I didn’t watch the game but I saw the movie on http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/28010944 and I agree, that is a blatant bite, and he needs to be banned, apparently he can get up to 2 years ban for that (not sure if that is true).

    Up until looking at that site I thought that maybe they were just going for a header and the guy in blue jumped up and hit Suarez in the mouth, but seeing that footage, no way, you can see him duck his head down, and the bites are there for all to se, he needs to be made an example off, 3 times is just taking he piss.

    • Yeah, I saw the max penalty is an up to two year ban… though, I’m not sure if that’s just for the national side or if that would be for his club team too. And, I wonder if they writers of the rules had this sort of situation in mind when they wrote it. They might go above and beyond to make an example this kind of deplorable behavior and repeat offense.

      • Apparently it can include club matches but they normally limit it to internationals (if the offence was done on an international game).

        Really something should happen before their next game.

  4. That guy… what a douche. He seriously needs a good cleat in the arse, preferably a very sharp one that… well, you know.

    I was in an Italian bakery this morning and brought up the game. Big mistake. I got an earful.

    • An eye for an eye. I can get on board with that. I think people as a whole would behave a bit better if they knew they could expect to receive the same treatment in return if they acted poorly.

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