Here comes the summer heat,
Sweat tapping out the beats,
The rhythm and the sway,
Melting sun joins the fray,
Gets us out of our seats,
And dancing in the streets.

Take a break, sing some songs,
Now won’t you join along,
The rising temperature,
Quiets our words allure,
Makes everything seem wrong,
And the days last too long.

We hide from summers sight,
Longing for cool of night,
And darkness to erase,
Our sins, worn plain to face,
But day highlights our blights,
We cringe from the suns bites.

Frenzy speeds summers pace,
Despite our need for grace,
Chaos reigns and revolves,
Everything falls apart,
Only the beat remains,
In puddles on the ground.

Sweat Drops Of Jealous Death by DiamonEyes
Image Credit: DiamonEyes

34 thoughts on “puddles

    • I’m not ready for the heat… And the parking lots on freeways as everyone comes out of hiding and flocks to the beach, to the mall, to the wherever. They slow things down and leave me sweltering… melting… gasping for air as the walls of my truck close in around me, the claustrophobia takes hold and it takes every ounce of will power I can muster to keep from driving my truck through the lot of them like a wrecking ball to hell.

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