under attack

 photo Ullswater_zps3f4251b1.jpg
Image Credit: Helen Boyd

A golden day, full of the hopes and dreams of lives yet to be lived, stretched out before me.  Surveying the beautiful and vibrant hues, edging on brilliance, I knew with a unquestionable certainty that anything was possible.  It wasn’t the first time I’d felt that way, but with each passing year, weighed down by the responsibilities of living, the moments grew further and further apart.

I ran my hands through the outstretched offshoots of the tall grasses and felt the pull of the stems against my legs, holding me there, urging me to slow down, enjoy, just be: calm, quiet, present, aware.  I watched the ripples tremble away from my passing.  I watched the golds pulse in the valley below, responding to the gentle changes of light as time marched forward on the steady beat of my relaxed heart.  My eyes cast ahead to a stain of blue in the distance, a smudge on the pristine visage and a respite from the intensity of the color onslaught.

I was under attack.  The beauty of the moment was fighting to win my heart, conquer my mind, devour my soul.  Should I have resisted?  How could I if I had even wanted to?  Who has the power to withstand the world’s magnificence when it chooses to unleash its chaos?

I sighed.  I surrendered to the scenery.  I gave myself to the moment and let go of all that had laid claim to me before.  I became one with the golden day.

The world sighed too and happily took me into its victorious embrace.


What do you see when you look at the picture?  What do you feel?  Write it up, and link it to this week’s Once More With Feeling prompt.

19 thoughts on “under attack

  1. Nice little story, seems like the person you wrote about normally rushes around, looks but doesn’t see etc. but is forced to just pause and take it all in.

    • Yeah, just someone who feels the pull of progress strongly, always has to be working on something to improve himself or his life, and forgets that sometimes there are more important things to notice and enjoy.

  2. Beautiful description of becoming one with the moment. It is so easy to let the hustle, bustle, and stresses of the day blind us to the magnificence of our world. This piece reminds us to just let go every now and then and breathe.

  3. I love this line in particular: “Who has the power to withstand the world’s magnificence when it chooses to unleash its chaos?” Who, indeed?! Lovely post 🙂

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