love, lust

The whole world in a cup,
Wrapped in gold, glory.
A month long quest,
Of cheers, jeers,
Love, lust,

The battles call to me,
From the true green pitch,
Nations fighting,
Flags waiving,

Samba dance with a ball,
Ninety minute songs.
I hold my breath.
The whistle,

98 thoughts on “love, lust

  1. Why name it “Love, Lust”. How does that part stand out above the rest? Just wondering… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have no idea. I’m going to be positive and say they played better than they did in any of the games last cup, and hope they win their next two games (which they should, and will based on this performance.)
      And, beyond being a Manchester United fan, I really just want Rooney to score. He’s too talented to not have at least one WC goal. And, I’m hoping he (finally) comes through in the next games.

      • They should. They will. I’m thinking only positive thoughts for them. And that has nothign to do with the brackets I put together and any sort of betting involved. Or, it has everything to do with that…

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