the magic of life

Picture Credit: Hengki24

The days had grown short.

The afternoons spent lounging in the warm glow of the sun, idle hours of pleasure, were distant memories.  The newest generations had never known them and the eldest were no longer certain they had ever existed.

Those who did remember tried not to.  There was no room for soft nostalgia in the cold hard truths of the new world.

First the mist had come and stayed.  The dew used to herald the arrival of the sun, but then the sun had crept lower and lower until it merely brushed the horizon, never warming the soil enough to burn away the watery surface layer.  Then the heat of the ground had dissipated and the mist turned to ice.  The glow in the heavens grew weaker and lasted minutes less each new day.

Soon there would only be night.

Those few survivors who had lasted to see the final days were a tough breed that proved if there was potential for life humans would find a way.  But, when the world went dark and the plants began to die off completely, it was only a matter of time before the freeze would strangle all.

Young and old would fight until the ice shards crystallized in their lungs, until the frostbite claimed their extremities, until their bodies forced their minds to sleep.  Their efforts would be valiant and worthy of remembrance.  Their struggles would be lost, though, as the Earth spun further off its axis and erased the magic of life forever.


Written for this week’s Once More With Feeling prompt and because I needed to write something dark.

35 thoughts on “the magic of life

    • thanks, yep, I know
      Also, just had a terrifying realization while talking with a friend that I may to do a post on: we are living in a world that is cross between “1984” and “A Brave New World” – Big brother is watching (NSA spying, camaras everywhere) and our newest generations are being increasingly controlled by substances to curb their behavior – soma is ritalin and other drugs like that…

  1. It’s like “On the Beach”, “The Midnight Sun” and “The World Without Us” in one. Well done!

  2. Tragically, this could happen, given the right circumstance.

    Your reply to Jessica is chilling. My friend and I talk about how Orwell missed the year, but predicted the future, just the same. We also talk about Brave New World and the drugging of society. You summed it up best as a cross between. If you post, I will definitely read.

    • I’ll probalby save it for next week… but, I will post about it eventually… it’s terrifying to think about, really. We had the warnings in front of us all this time and we are still steadily sliding right into those predictions.

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