Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom

FaithHopeChocolate has shared an adventure that she and Steph lived through as part of Revis and I saving the Kingdom. Pop on over and have a read.

Stories from the Chocolaterie

Revis & Matticus are trying to Save the Kingdom from the Sparkly Vampires and the “Evil” Jaded.  This is what happened just after Chapter 26, when Revis and The Jester left FaithHopeChocolate (ie, me) and Steph at the rebel camp just outside Bruges…



Steph turned to Faith with a scowl on her face. “Typical. We bust everything to get them out and then they scarper.”

Faith smiled, a slightly annoying, enigmatic, knowing and calm sort of smile. “It’s OK, Steph. We can handle it. Have you forgotten where the Mother House of my Order is?”

Steph looked a bit puzzled. Faith sighed.

“Whitby, Yorkshire, England. Where Dracula so helpfully came ashore from Transylvania. Which is why there’s been at least one Religious Community in the area for the last several hundred years, and the reason for the founding of the Order -”

“- Is really vampire…

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