universal truth

Westminster Bridge
Image Credit: Kayode Okeyode – Click on the image to see a bigger, better version.

He saw it all: the buses, taxis and other traffic roaming far and wide across the bridge, the young couple seeking shelter and a quick embrace below their umbrella, the family out for evening stroll despite the downpour.  He watched and witnessed and let it go.  Life went on as always.  Time never stopped.

There had been times, sure, when it seemed like time must stop.  With the world in turmoil, sirens blaring and the streets deserted as people sought shelter wherever they could, he had thought on more than one occasion that the planes would come and time would stop.  The death they brought with them almost certainly would carry over to time.  It seemed inevitable, and, yet, it never had.

The seconds had continued to roll to minutes, and the minutes to hours, and then the hands would swing around to herald a new days, as they always had since he had first been given life.

Yes, Big Ben, saw everything go on around him.  He watched seasons turn.  He watched the world war and love.  And through it all he tracked the passing of time.

Perhaps that was the only true inevitability of the universe – another second will follow.

He was honored to be one of the prestigious markers of that universal truth.


A bit of silliness, really, for this week’s Once More With Feeling.

What do you do feel when you look at the provided picture?  Write it, link it, publish it.

36 thoughts on “universal truth

      • Nice!
        I don’t have any good landmarks like that on my commute… but, I do have some fun hills I get to drive through, and I’ve got mountains in the distance on 3 sides (and the ocean on the fourth). So, I’m not really complaining.

      • Man, I know what view I would rather have fo’sure… I could always carry a picture of Big Ben.

      • 😀
        I thought you might say something like that.
        I think I’ve even got a picture of Big Ben somewhere. My family visited London 20 years ago or so… It hasn’t changed much, right?

      • London probably has but Big Ben hasn’t, I don’t think the immediately surrounding area have either, maybe the odd building pull down/erected but not much else… Although the London Eye is pretty much across the water from it

      • Nor me, it’s 400 ft up and I have zero desire to be 400 ft above ground level. and stupidly expensive too, I think it is like £30 to essentially go on a large, slow ferris wheel.

        I just look, a mere £118 for a family of 4 for 30 minutes. There are a thousand other things I would rather do.

      • Yes, that’s what I was thinking… expensive, and just a giant ferris wheel that I wouldn’t particularly care for the height or the slowness of how it was rotating. Sure… you might get some good shots from the top… but, there are other places to get good shots too.

      • Some people pay to do the touristy things simply so they can have a picture in their scrapbook – for them the experience is solely about having proof of “been there, done that,” regardless of what the experience truly was.

  1. I can’t decide if I love or hate the idea that time never stops, despite whats going on. There are times when you just wish time would move faster – and you are thankful that it keeps going. There are other times you just want it to stay put, in one place.

  2. I don’t do well with pic prompts – and sometimes time does stop. Big Ben had a role in my historical short story – twelve bongs of dialogue

    • If time stops here, does it stop everywhere in the universe, and everywhere in the parallel universes? The endless possibilities spinning off from every moment… Or, in the infinite realms is it possible, probable even, that time would always be marching on regardless of what it is doing everywhere else?

  3. Good for Ben. I read his history the other night because I was thinking of writing a story from his perspective. Glad you did. I went over to the dark side. Lucy

  4. HEY, Couple of things. I had not been hooked to the YW community in a while and didnt realize what was going on with RAWR… good LORD! THanks for sending me to a donation site… holeeeeeeeeeeee… moses…. anyhow… thanks.

    second thing is you won the rewritten contest… remember the super hero contest? If you would like ( I couldnt find your email) you can email me from my site and send your address. THe contest page is down now but the announcement is in the last entry on the blog. I will be binding your journal this week and it should be to you next wk the latest. Thanks for entering! Thanks again for the info… I have to go check resources and then Im off to the site… man I still cant believe they are dealing with that!

  5. I like what you did. Technically, I think Big Ben is the chiming mechanism, not the clock itself.

    From the angle that the photograph is taken, it makes me think of life viewed either from the point of view of a homeless person on the street, or of a cat or a dog.

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