Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 30

Wow… Can you believe we’ve written 30 chapters, er, um, I mean… Can you believe that Revis and I have survived this long in our quest to save the kingdom?
Yeah… no fourth wall breakage there…
Anyway, click on over to see what happens next. Spoiler alerts – there are cloaks and daggers and the unveiling of the mastermind behind the rampaging sparkly vampires.

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“Get out of my wife’s chair,” Matticus seethed.  His right hand reached for his sword, but Revis grabbed his arm before the steel could clear the sheath.

“I quite like it here,” Jaded quipped, flashing her now human teeth in a twisted grin, “I think I’ll stay.”

The sight of of someone other than The Queen sitting on the throne was so disturbing to the Jester that he began to fight against his Knight’s grip.  He wanted to free himself so he could tear Jaded apart and while he could hear Revis whispering furtively into his ear to calm down because it was likely a trap, the words meant nothing to him.  Matticus was lost to his rage.

Revis considered knocking his liege upside his royal head, but wasn’t sure he’d be able to strike swift enough if he let the Jester loose before Matticus was out of his reach. …

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