should have

A wedge in the heavens, a slice of light,
The whole there and not, half swallowed,
A deep darkness creeping bite by bite,
And eventually a hollowed day followed.

What could, did.
A series of wrongs.
The moon was the sign.
We should have hid,
From the throngs,
Under covers so fine.

One disaster after another drove the day,
Bad dreams preceded bad news and worse,
An hours long fray, our future all gray,
Every minute was terse, under the curse.

Should have stayed in bed.

41 thoughts on “should have

  1. Whoooha. Yep, I’ve had days like that before DJ- I hope yours doesn’t continue. And you’re right on – it becomes apparent very early in the day (before the sun comes up) when it’s gonna be a day like that. I just hunker down, give up all hope of gaining any ground, put on a helmet and try to minimize the damage. If the day ends with you no further behind than when you started it’s a win. If you can clean up the damage within a week, you’ll be OK. When it changes your life forever, it needs a bit more attention. The good news is 1) It rarely lasts for more than a day and 2) When the debris settles, there is usually a silver lining that is not apparent when the bad day happens. Watch for it. It’s there. May the force be with you!

    • A helmet!!! Oh dang, that’s a great idea. I’m going to have to remember that for next. Survived the day, which wasn’t the worst day I’ve ever had, truth be told. And, you are right: there usually is a silver lining. I’ll have to remember to look for that going forward to. Thank you.

    • I’ve got a few sick days saved up…
      But, you are right, it wasn’t ever an option. The Queen and Little Prince would make sure I got up eventually.

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