Comments for Rara

Hey all,

Zoe and I decided that it would be awesome to collect a bunch of comments, notes, thoughts, etc… from all of you and see about getting them to Rara in the next couple days.

So, leave whatever you want to say in the comment section and we’ll make sure it gets to her.

(And don’t forget to click on the rawrLove link in my sidebar if you haven’t already.)

(And, if you’d rather not have your comments be public, you can email them to me at djmatticus at yahoo dot com.)

Remember, chances are, she loves all of you, without question, without qualification, without reserve.

How do you feel about her?

Spread some rawrLove of your own.

121 thoughts on “Comments for Rara

  1. Reblogged this on Not a Punk Rocker and commented:
    Ignore me today, because honestly I don’t know what to write at the moment. Please go check out The Matticus Kingdom instead.

    Not sure what is going on? Check out his site for links to the backstory, or you can see them on my most recent posts here.

    Much ❤ to y'all,


  2. Thank you for doing this – I know many people will want to send their love to her.

    Rara, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You have shown me through your writing and comments on your posts what it means to be a kind and loving human being. All I can do is send you my love from across the pond – I wish so much I could do more but alas I’m a poor writer at this moment in time (such a cliché!). You are loved so much by everyone ❤ We all believe in you, and all feel how unjust the world is. – Lizzie (Cats and Chocolate) xxx

  3. What a beautiful idea…virtual love from all corners ! =)

    I do not know you, except thru your wonderful blog… you always have the kindest words for us all. You are a gifted person, lovely and supportive. Please accept our support, loving-kindness and hugs…

    This is such a tumultuous time for you, and words escape me. Know without ANY DOUBT that you are valued and have touched lives beyond measure.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Rara, I am still in shock from learning what you and Dave are now and have been fighting. So sad because while bad things DO happen to good people, this one is over the top.

    You are good. Honest. Wise and wonderful. These things will help you cope. But most of all you are strong, which will get you through the crap. Plus, you’re a dinosaur!

    Wake up every day with these thoughts:

    I am good
    I am strong
    I am a dinosaur

    Much love to you and Dave. And thanks for giving us all this opportunity, DJ and Zoe.

  5. Oh what a wonderful idea!

    You truly are the kindest, most warm-hearted, sunniest, and open person I’ve ever had the pleasure to interact with. You’ve encouraged and inspired me countless times, and even though we haven’t interacted much outside of blogging, I consider you a very dear friend.
    You have a vast wealth of strength, and it breaks my heart to know that you’ve lost the will to fight — although I understand completely. I wish I could wave a wand and make it go away (or maybe breathe some fire and burn it to a crisp).
    I know you’ll be okay, though.
    I love you always,
    – Erica

  6. Reblogged this on A Sign Of Life and commented:
    I’m still kind of a mess, so I’ll just encourage you to swing by DJ Matticus’ Kingdom and show some support for the internet’s favorite dino.

  7. Dear Rara,

    You have shown what true Grace under fire is. And that Grace will continue to guide you in the days ahead.

    Be Strong – which a Rarasaur always is
    Be Cool – how could a Rarasaur not be
    Find All The Sunny Places – Rarasaurs know them all

    Best Regards

  8. Rara,

    We love you. Keep your head up. Everything happens for a reason, and although we may not understand it right away, I pray that one day you will. You’re a beautiful soul, and I know you’ll come out of this stronger than ever. xoxo.

  9. Rara,
    You were among the first bloggers to take the time to peek behind the mask at the trooper within. My heart goes out to you, I love you, my dinosaur friend.

  10. Rara, I just wanted to say I miss you and I am sending much positive juju to you from here. You are such a strong and amazing person, I know you will survive this and come out shining. I am here for you if you need me. Love, laura (phrogmom)

  11. Rara – I think many people are missing your spirit. But I’d like to think the light that you brought to myself and everyone on the interwebs since you first came on the scene is now being turned back toward you. You deserve light and happiness. You deserve glitter and rainbows and all the sloths you could ever want. You don’t deserve what is happening to you now and it kills me that the system has failed you. It kills me that I can’t do anything. It kills me that someone as genuine and lovely and amazing as you is being put through something so horrible and undeserving. I wish I knew all the facts. I wish there was more I could do to right the wrongs that have been placed upon you. Please stay strong and please don’t let your light fade. It is a beacon for many of us. I hope we can be the same for you during this time and forever after.

    With much adoration and RAWRlove, your friend, Arden.

    Thank you Matt & Zoe for doing this!

  12. Rara,
    I can’t do much but tell you that you have a friend in me, and my heart is with you. xo Merbear ❤

  13. Rara and Grayson,

    You guys are so loved, and I think that we all wish we could do more. You’ve both left a wonderful joyful mark in the blogging community. I hate with a passion the injustice of it all, and that the system has failed you guys. I HOPE that one way or another, the light of truth will shine through the darkness of lies. You are so very missed Rara. We all know that you want us to go on with smiles, and we will but when you love, there is grief and tears. You are loved. I myself along with many others are standing with you. We are also drawing closer together to support each other and Grayson. I know you’d like that. You’ve left a legacy and while you’re away (Which I hope isn’t for long) it will go on. Sending all my support with a big Dino Rawr!

    Grayson, please stay in touch as much as you are able. We’re here for you too.

    Love and hugs,

  14. Hi, Rara,
    I met you and Twindaddy at the same last year. I was previously dentaleggs if that rings a bell.

    You are an exceptional and inspirational woman to so many people, Rara. I’m so sorry you and your husband are going through this hell. But know this; justice for you WILL prevail. You have an army of people supporting you. The truth will come out and you’ll have your day.

    Don’t give up hope, Rara. We won’t.

    Eva Watson

  15. Reblogged this on To Breathe is to Write and commented:
    To any of my readers that also know Rara, or just want to give some encouragement to a fellow blogger, who is having a rough time, please head over to The Matticus Kingdom and leave a message. I’ll meet you there!

  16. Rara, my dino sister, I love you and Dave you know this. I wish there was so much more I could do to help. I feel so frustrated. But, I know in my heart that you are innocent, and I send light and love to you for strength and for the justice system to work in your favor. You are forever in my thoughts and heart. Big hugs to you both!

  17. Some day we’ll find it, the rainbow connection
    The lovers, the dreamers, and me
    All of us under its spell, we know that it’s probably magic

  18. Dear Rara, I never interacted with you outside blogging world but I always considered you a friend, a soul-sister, a word wizard and most importantly an amazing human being. I wish you all the best in life. You will win all the battles. You deserve every good thing of this world. Dear Grayson, Take care of your health. Stay well.

  19. My Dearest Rara,

    One day we will twirl around. I’m sure of that. For now, be the survivor you’ve always been. Surround yourself with the love you get from the ones that know and care about you. When in doubt, look at your beloved Moon. There’s always a sliver of light in the darkness. And as much strength you gained from the people who read your blog, know that your words gave sunshine, strength, wisdom and hope to thousands and thousands of readers. That’s truly magical, you know? But I know this is simply because YOU are magical. Never forget this.

    Lots of love and magical positive vibes to you and your family. You will pull through this. xoxo

  20. Dear Rara,
    I don’t know much, i first heard of your story through Zoe. Your story has made my heart ‘weep.’ Sending you support, compassion and inner and outer strength. Clearly , you are an amazing , caring, loving person who has ‘touched’ many lives. I hope the sun, can shine through and give you some much needed light and warmth. There’s a saying that see the bright colors of rainbows, sadly there’s a need to go through heavy storms…I hope these storms pass, and the truth can shine through….showing brightly, multi-colored rainbows…lol
    Much love, gentle safe hug Ziggy

  21. Rara,
    You’ve brought so much joy and sunshine to so many. You’ve made us think and feel. You’ve inspired so many. So many are behind us now and will be with you when you return.

    I keep thinking “she could be my daughter.” I would be proud. I’m proud to have read your blog and to have been touched by your kind heart.

    I wish you and peace and strength. I will light a candle and say a prayer for justice.

    Juliette (Marla Todd)

  22. Rara ( and Grayson) I don’t know you… I know of you and reading your story touched and broke my heart to believe that someone unjustly accused can find themselves in the position that you’re in. Our justice system is seriously flawed if it can allow such a miscarriage as this is. The emotional, financial and injury to your very soul is horrendous.

    I know that because of finances and emotional fatigue you are unable to fight in court anymore, but I so wish you did. I wish you had the strength and resources to involve the media of what you have endured but you likely have done all that you feel that you can. If they ever did hear the story I would think they would grab hold of it as a human interest. As I said I don’t really know the whole issue but do believe you have exhausted probably what you can do…. especially the financial end of things. So I don’t mean to sound like a ‘know it all’…

    I will keep you in prayer each day .. I have a list that I have . I will pray most of all for a peace in the midst of a storm…. a peace that passes all understanding. I will pray for Grayson also during this time that God will sustain him and supply all of his needs.
    And I am not afraid to pray for a miracle for you.. and so I will!… take care ….. Diane

  23. Rara, I know you will understand when I say I’m putting white light all over you and Dave and the kitties …… lots of white light ……….

  24. Sweet Rara…. please hang in there. The blogosphere is forever changed because of your presence… I am certain of that. 🙂 Noelle and I are close enough to visit…and we would like to if that’s okay. We will help with what we can in regards to Grayson…our hearts are with both of you during this difficult time. xoxoxoxooxxoox

  25. Dear Rara,

    I just found you, and I already miss you.

    Be well. Be safe. I won’t tell you “Be strong.” You’ve got that covered.

    All My Love,
    AZ Gringa
    (aka Jennifer)

  26. Reblogged this on AZ Gringa and commented:
    I am sadly in no position to help Rara outside of sending all of my love and well wishes. You can send your wishes, too, and if you have the means to do so, please donate. Just head on over to The Matticus Kingdom. (And while you’re there, say hi to DJ. He’s awesome.)

  27. Dear Rarasaur,
    The sun shines everyday even when the clouds have gathered to obstruct the godly orb. Day light peers through in the end to rekindle our hearts with a hope. Keep that hope alive, dear friend. You are a ‘saur after all. I wish the very best for you and your loved ones.

  28. I wrote my thoughts on Goldfish’s blog post:

    I have full faith that Rara will come out of this with a mighty Rawr and with what is in her highest and best good. She’s just too decent a person for anything else to happen.

  29. You’re the only honorary Dinosaur Eejit in my family. Many hugs and I’m hoping things start to turn around for you soon. My Dad always says things have a funny way of working out, lets hope that rings true for you 🙂 x

  30. Rara, you are an inspiration to all the aspiring bloggers out there who want to be better bloggers but also better people. Your Rawr love has been spread wide and I hope you get it back ten fold. Just don’t let them take any of it away. Remember how much you are loved and appreciated.

  31. Love you, Rara. You are one of those rare people who will be able to see this out with a level of grace and understanding that the rest of us could only aspire to. Thinking and praying for you, and Grayson.

  32. RARA!
    This is crazy. I can’t help but think that everything is going to work out for you because you/re good people, but since everything doesn’t always work out, I just feel that you are strong enough to take whatever is thrown your way. I have never seen anything besides love coming from your direction and I hope that you can hold on to that.Now we are all sending love your way, because if anyone deserves to feel the love, you deserve it. Thank you for always being a beacon of hope even in the dark times.
    Am really missing you

  33. I love you like I would love a dinosaur if I had a dinosaur. But if I had a dinosaur I would not ‘keep’ it I would want it to be free. All dinosaurs should be free. Especially Loveasaurs named Rarasaur. They are the best dinosaur of all.

    I hope that you feel this love pulsating towards you Rara and Grayson.

  34. Dearest Rara,

    Flowers do best in the sunlight. It’s a science-thing, but we know this. They blossom and are beautiful and make everyone smile just from their natural vibrance. Its what they do, just by being there. It’s their nature as part of…nature.

    But sometimes things happen and the flower isn’t in the sun all the time. Maybe there were more cloudy days than bright ones. Maybe winter came back and the flower had to be moved inside to avoid the deep chill.

    Yet, the flower is still beautiful, is still the same no matter the surroundings. In the shade or inside, it still thrives and stuns everyone with its beauty and just “being” because it is being tended to. Everyone is still drawn to it and it is always loved, never forgotten.

    Flowers grow in all sorts of places and circumstances because of those who treasure it and want to see it thrive. Eventually, the sunny days stay longer and spring comes to stay, and the flower can go back to where it truly belongs, in the sunlight among the other colors of the world.

    I hope the shady days are short for you and that summer comes back, full blast, as soon as possible for you my beautiful, colorful-flower-dino-friend. If not, we will be here, as your friends, to help you as you have for us.

    Love you chica,


    PS–I was going to write a nail polish metaphor, but that seemed tacky.

    PPS–Kick ass, take names and give ’em hell. 🙂

  35. Rara my best wishes, I have heard of this terrible situation you are in and my heart goes out to you and Dave. From far away in Australia I am sending my best wishes and all the good vibes I can muster. I hope this madness ends for you soon. Take care. Michael.

  36. Dearest Rara,
    You are a beacon of hope & light for so many of us in the blogging world. I know you will continue to be the same wonderful Rarasaur no matter where you are. I am a little jealous of the people you will be spending time with (instead of us) because they will get to bask in your beautiful light & wisdom. They will be the beneficiaries of your wonderful spirit of caring & loving. You will be very much missed here & our loving thoughts go with you.

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