The President looked around the room, catching the eyes of the nervous, the stoic, the despondent.  In the end, the decision was his alone to make.  Punching in the code, and running through the rest of the verification protocols, he armed the device, and with a quick word of “good luck” he threw the switch.


Herb was one heck of a technical wizard, but he was also extremely lazy.  So, he had known about a potential defect in the First Alert system for quite some time but hadn’t bothered to getting around to fix it.  He’d planned on finally adjusting the programming that morning, but the accident on the expressway had stalled his progress towards work.


Rachel swerved to avoid the speeding bus, spilling her morning cuppa in the process.  As she cursed and reached for her glove box to pull out a handful of napkins she took her eyes off the road.  And, so, she completely missed the red lights stamp on as traffic halted in front of her.  The sound of crunching metal alerted her to the problem before she even felt the impact, but it was far too late and then she knew nothing more.


Carl pressed his foot into the floor, trying to coax the bus to go a bit faster as he accelerated onto the expressway.  He was late, again.  A bus full of kids late for school.  It was unacceptable.  He knew that, but he couldn’t help his nature.  He’d seen Jacob walking towards the bus stop as he’d wound his way through the residential neighborhood, so he’d known the child would show up eventually.  He just hadn’t expected Jacob to show up so late.


Jacob skipped and laughed as he watched the morning bloom around him.  It was going to be another beautiful spring day.  He saw his bus pass him and knew he needed to hurry up so he broke into a jogging run, carefully placing each elongated stride to avoid stepping on the plethora of cracks in the sidewalk.  And then a butterfly, gorgeous in oranges and purples, erupted with a flutter of lazy darting movements off a fence to his right and his feet skidded to a halt.  He was transfixed by the beauty of the moment and completely forgot about school and the waiting bus.


Thus proving that the movement of single butterfly’s wings can change the course of the world.


64 thoughts on “plausible

  1. Now for a song from my youth

    because Only You could have written such an amazing piece. And yes I believe this is how the world really does work. Just the way you wrote it

  2. If this were an episode of Law & Order, everyone involved in this story would have been arrested and charged with seven billion counts of first degree murder, and the assistant DA would have found a way to make those charges all stick in the end….

    • Love it!!!
      *duh duhn* *Law and Order theme music* Introducing Law & Order: Post-Apocalypse… In the aftermath of global inhalation there are still people fighting to preserve the American way, these are their stories.

      Slight problem with this story – The DA is still alive? The Judges? Enough of an infrastructure that the judicial and penal systems remained intact?

      • Eh, we’ll work around it. As long as we can still end up with some overly dramatic and emotional courtroom climax, nobody will remember how unbelievable the story was….

      • Oh, well, that’s completely doable, then.
        Actually, I really like this idea. We should pitch it to Dick Wolf and then let the royalty checks roll in.

  3. Awesomely creative. Love the structure and the tight writing, that’s a great self-contained piece. kinda experimental perhaps, and different. Good stuff, Matticus.

    • Thank you, thank you! 😀
      I had fun writing this one too. Then again, I have fun writing most things I post. Today… didn’t have fun writing or posting today’s piece.

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