“I’m winding down and my time is thinning out, even as it swirls maddeningly faster around me.  My seconds no longer tick and tock with measured frequency,” the wizard grinned dangerously, magic dancing in his eyes, “but don’t mistake that for weakness.”


Word Count: 42

Micro (fantasy) fiction written for this week’s Gargleblaster, but I may just have to revisit this one later on.  I need to know more about this elderly wizard, who he is talking to, and what he does next.

But, in the mean time, how would you answer the current prompt?

Have all your clocks stopped?

73 thoughts on “weakness?

  1. I can’t help thinking of Terry Pratchett, what with it being his birthday and all. I thought this was a great piece, and if you write more about this wizard person I will happily read it. 😀

    • Well, I didn’t have Rincewind in mind when I wrote it, but… now that you mention it, wouldn’t it be fun to write him into the next draft – the one that doesn’t have to be limited to 42 words. 😉

    • 😀
      If I could have slipped in a few more words I would have had fire sparking from his finger tips as he worked a spell to prove his continued prowess.

  2. Stirs the imagination.
    I’m not sure I want to count words when I write, but I like the prompt. Maybe I’ll take a crack at it sometime.
    plus gargleblaster just is a fun word. 😀

  3. Slowly down can be on account of many things. It does not necessarily mean a sign of weakness. It can also mean a sign of maturity.
    Loved the take on the prompt.

  4. I love the hint of a threat in the wizard’s voice. I would read more, if this turned into something bigger. (Hint, hint) Thanks for linking up!!

    • Hah! Okay, hint taken. Tomorrow. I’ll write more about this wizard tomorrow… Or, maybe this afternoon. Just have to see how the day goes. 😉
      Thanks for the fun prompt!

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