but I say them anyway

The ideas bounce and spin and the words skip along,
One will catch for a moment like a verse from a song,
And then twist and change and be slightly wrong.

Not what I meant to say,
Not the right words,
At least,
Not today.

I reach out hoping to grasp something silly,
A joke or story of unicorns that are frilly,
They elude as my movements are not done agilely.

Screaming and cursing at my down-trodden fate,
Unable to force an idea, the morning grows late,
My muse steps in and guides me from the hate.

Her guiding hand shows me an easier path to walk,
Not considered before due to its overgrowth and rocks,
It was all a ruse to make the weak-willed balk.

Not what I meant to say,
Not the right words,
At least,
Not today.

But I say them anyway.

58 thoughts on “but I say them anyway

  1. I like it, sir! Yes. I do.

    Is it totally wrong that I started out singing this in my head to the tune of “Milkshake”? It totally fits — until it doesn’t. Which is kinda funny given the words. One might even call it silly..

    • Hmm, well, now that you mention it, writing as a twisted knot could be fun… what is the perspective of a knot in the rigging of a sail boat as everything goes terribly wrong?

  2. Isn’t this the typical life of a writer. Even when we think we have a definite idea, sometimes the words come out wrong, or the whole story ends up going in a completely different direction. I love the paths with overgrowth and rocks. They lead to the best places. πŸ™‚

      • You are welcome. Any time. I wish I knew how to take your demons away… But, you should never doubt your abilities as a writer, or that you are a good person.

      • I think I am a good person overall, but I have my foibles, as do we all. And I think I’m a decent writer, but I read so many much more talented writers every day. I think I do an above average job with humor and I think my voice is above average, but when it comes to painting with my words, I’m nowhere near people like Lizzi or Helena. Or even Rara. They have a way with words I can only dream of.

      • As you said, we all have our foibles, so none of us should hold ourselves to some perfect example of what we think it means to be a good person – at some point, if enough people tell you that you are, you should probably begin to trust in that. πŸ˜‰
        And, same goes for writing. There are countless styles and voices and messages and passions. You can’t compare yourself to Rara or Lizzi or Helena (or me?!), because they all have different things to say and a different way of saying it. You are a good writer because your voice is clear and distinct and passionate and the carries through in everything you post. It compels us to read more. It makes us want to know what happens next, to continue to dive into the world you create for us, whether that was a glimpse into your real world or some other realm.

  3. Your words are always right when I read them.

    I am more about quantity than quality, so I throw the words out “as is” most days πŸ™‚

  4. Aw yes, sometimes the words abandon us, and others take their place. In terms of our writing, some of those unexpected words will stay; others will get edited away…

    • Thank you, sir. I appreciate the praise.
      Did you see my other post from yesterday…? I was shooting for bugnuts. I think I fell short, but it’s probably still worth a read.

      • Basically, I thought it was a hard and uncompromising read, and probably one of the best things I have seen from you. You’re certainly not dancing on the edge; you’re well over it into a place that really made me feel this. That’s the thing I want most out of writing. The feeling of something, even if that feeling is tough.

    • Why are you asking me?!
      You should be asking Twindaddy or HastyWords or JRosenberry1 or 1Jaded1. They have true talent. I just write a bunch of silliness.
      (But, thank you for the compliment!)

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