my best dream

It was five years ago today,
We went up the mountain to say,
Promises of love and adventure,
Trials and triumphs,
Sorrows and joys,
But love and adventure most of all.

How have the years passed so quickly?
How is it possible for our bond to have grown exponentially?

Where will our family be in five more years?
Side by side, wherever we end up, I’ll have no fears.

I love you, my Queen,
You are, come true, my best dream.

Wedding - TOS walking away

52 thoughts on “my best dream

  1. Happy anniversary! May the unfolding of the next five years (and those after) be a joy!

    • 15 years? Very nice, congrats to that as well. Yep, we are still very much in the early days of our marriage, I know that. But, still 5 years is a long time compared to most things in this world… think how much can change in that amount of time…

      • A lot does happen in 5 years, but hopefully, things grow and progress in that time. I look at the marriage relationship I have with Cimmy like I do a garden- it needs constant care and maintenance so that fruit continues to bear.

        We still go out on dates, even if our current idea of one is a little more broad and creative than it used to be. As long as we spend time for just us. We continue to show love and affection– regardless of who’s looking. We take time to teach that to our children in appropriate ways; not just in our example, but in the time we spend individually with them– daddy-daughter outings/dates, things like that. The children are an extension of the garden; even when they’re grown and start gardens of their own, we hope our original love remains because we never stopped working on it.

    • Thank you!
      (And no worries, I basically went offline after I posted it anyway, so I’m just now getting around to responding to comments. You didn’t miss anything.)

  2. Belatedly … Happy Anniversary to you, my friend-tance. Hope you and The Queen had a chance to do something special.

    A new wife, a new baby, a new job … it’s been an eventful five years !

    • 4 new jobs in that 5 years actually…
      And don’t forget becoming a home owner and starting to build our family by adopting two kitties too. 😉
      Yep, been a busy 5 years!!

      Thank you! We had a good weekend. We even managed to sneak away for an hour and have dinner without the Little Prince.

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