and I’m back!

What do you mean you didn’t even notice I was gone?

(Which isn’t true because I did get an email asking if I was okay.  Thanks for that.  Made made my morning!)

Anyway…  I’m going to pop on over to as many blogs as I can today.  But, I’d love to hear from you what I missed while I was away.  Leave a comment to fill me in.  Leave a link to a post I definitely have to read.  Distract me from work and writing and Monday.

How’s that sound?

Sounds good to me.

173 thoughts on “and I’m back!

  1. Who are you again?

    Kidding of course. I was wondering where you were, but not worried. At least, not yet.

  2. thanks for the shout out – on my other persona – oh that one also has the garbleblaster for today – not sure it works.

    This profile has the A-Z challenge and you might like the L one posted. We’re up to L already how time flies

    There’s stuff going on with the other project we’re both involved with You might have a peek – nothing urgent though.

    cold and rainy here in SW ontario

    Glad you’re back !!!

    • Happy something. Joy, maybe? I don’t remember anymore.
      It’s good to be seen. And read. And sillied. That’s a verb, right? I like to silly it up in here… I’m always happy when my fellow bloggers silly with me…

      • If it’s not a verb, we can make it one.

        Like “conversate.” Ooooh, I got a big red line thingey when I wrote “conversate.”

        Evidently, WordPress does not like that to be used as a verb.

      • WordPress should just settle down if it knows what is is good for it. Yes, that’s a threat. I’m wordy and I’m not afraid to verbify.

  3. Welcome back! I take off the weekends so on my blog you didn’t miss much. In fact I still haven’t posted today. Too many other things to

    I hope that your time off was good and full of rest and no more cold!

  4. I didn’t post anything on the 13th… and neither did you… and then Goldy missed the 14th… is this the first week ever that all three of us missed a day?! There must be a weird aura over SoCal…. 😉

  5. Welcome back! I remember you said you were taking a longish weekend in your response to one of the picture prompt comments, so I wasn’t worried. If you weren’t back by Tuesday, I was gonna send out a search party. Hope you had fun.

  6. Welcome back^^ I need to go wash the floor (again…hosting leaves a pigsty behind), do help yourself to the cake on the counter.
    You feeling better?

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