My day is halfway over and I still need to write something!



This moment of silliness was brought to you by my busy day at work, and by Art and Zoe who have sent me upwards of six trillion comment notifications this morning.  And for some reason I can’t write something new when there are still outstanding comments to reply to.  I know I’m weird.  I’m a Jester, I’m supposed to be.

How’s your day going?

(Yes, I understand that is me asking for more comments to potentially distract me from writing something new and meaningful.  I’ll be okay with it if you are.)


236 thoughts on “My day is halfway over and I still need to write something!

  1. I was going to ask you a question but then I got distracted by this knight with your face photoshopped on it…..

    I got nothin…

  2. Um. There are a lot of comments here too. You get what you ask for, I guess… So my day, been working thirteen hours already and still at it. But it’s sunny outside and I’m drinking beer. So that is goodness. Hope yours is too.

  3. My day has just started so has not managed to be spoilt just yet, so all is well currently.

    I find the routines we have with our blogs interesting, I find that I need to respond to comments too before posting anything new. Although sometimes (when organised) I do have a few things scheduled.

  4. i know how you feel, it’s like trying to sleep in while your kids are asking for breakfast, some things just need a higher priority than others ) and here’s one more comment to distract you. )

  5. I’m reminded of an email I received once with the subject line “You’ll love this, it’s a cracker!!”

    Opened the email, and the content was an image. Of a Jacob’s cream cracker.

    It made me laugh at least, but everyone thought I was bonkers for thinking it was brilliant.

  6. You’re replying to your own comments….? Here in the catarmy we have peons to fulfill this duty. Us Commanders have higher concerns like finding string contractors and catnip subsidies to get passed as well as drilling the troops. Although finding a way to get the catfantry to march in formation has been something that has eluded us for some time now.

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