the culprit

The hurried castoffs, collateral damage, of the burglary lay strewn about the room, evidencing who had been there and what they had stolen.  My eyes followed the trail of destruction until they spotted the culprit still engaged in her post theft jubilation.


Word Count: 42

Happy Monday, and happy Gargleblaster day!  This week’s challenge question is:

Who dunnit?

The next three words of my story would be: My crazy cat…  She loves to open cabinet doors and steal whatever her little paws can fish from them.  Occasionally those thefts involve tearing her ill-gotten gains to shreds.  So, you know, she’s a normal cat.

Do any of your pets do things they know will get them in trouble because they can’t help themselves?

Do you have a 42 word story for this week’s Gargleblaster?  I’d love to read what you come up with.


66 thoughts on “the culprit

  1. it could be a naughty cat or a curious toddler, either one will wreak havoc , leaving a mess in their wake. 🙂
    Nice 42.

      • ::shrug:: I don’t know. I don’t think of myself as a writer necessarily. I just imagine I’m sitting here having a conversation with you, and I write what I would say. Maybe I suck at it, but I can work at it and improve.

        So, you tell me: what would you criticize?

      • Nothing. You had fun with it, right? You conveyed feeling, you told the story, and you got your reader to connect with it all. That’s all I can ever ask from a story. The fact that you did it in 42 words is just proof that you should maybe start thinking of yourself as a writer…

        All I ever do is the same. We’re just sitting here having a conversation.

  2. Ah hahaha! I have two cats just like this. We live in a state of constant terror – what will they steal next? Thanks for the awesome giggle. 🙂

    • You’re very welcome for the giggle! I’m always happy to provide those. And I’m sorry your cats are just as mischievous as ours… but, cats… aren’t they supposed to be slightly demented?

  3. Late one night, I realized my jewelry box had been open and pieces were missing. Then I thought, who would come in my apartment and steal my cheap jewelry. The culprit jumped up and popped the lid back open. Mystery solved.

    • Hah! Oh my, The Queen would freak if the cats ever figured out how to open her jewerly box. It’s only a matter of time before the Little Prince figures it out.

  4. It’s amazing the trouble we go to to invite randomly destructive creatures into our homes. 🙂 My daughter just adopted a delightfully (and sometimes not so delightfully) mischievous kitten. The older cat just shakes her head at his madness.

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