the familiar bite




He stirs and hits the button to silence the alarm without opening his eyes.  Struggling against the covers he manages to heave his body into a sitting position.  His hands rub his eyes with a vengeance and they are finally able to open and blink against the darkness of the room.  Another day.

Reaching to his nightstand he grabs the glass of water and pill container.  Pop.  Pop.  Glug.  Glug.  He shudders as the familiar bite slides down his throat.  Then he pushes himself to his feet and shuffles into his day.




Opening bell, the market is open.  His eyes scan the numbers.  Green is good.  Red is bad.  His mind takes it all in and processes the calculations and possibilities, all fueled by the morning dose of meds.  But, he can feel them wearing off.  The scrolling symbols and values are starting to blur.  The day has just started.

He lets his vision slide away from the screen long enough to assist his hand in locating the bottle of water stored next to the keyboard while his other hand opens the top drawer and pulls out the pill container.  Pop.  Pop.  Glug.  Glug.  He shudders as the familiar bite slides down his throat.  His eyes snap back to the stock board and he rises into action, calling out orders, changing the world.




He would love to move, to oblige the car behind him and carry on through the intersection, but there is no place for him to go, just as there is no place for the car in front of him to go either.  Rush hour.  Everyone flooding the streets to race home to their families, their dinners, their televisions, their vices.  He considers replying to the horn with a hand gesture, but the throbbing in his head changes his mind.

His scan from rearview mirror to windshield to the bottle of water on his passenger seat and he grabs it and then pops open the glove box and removes the pill container with familiar ease.  Pop.  Pop.  Glug.  Glug.  He shudders as the familiar bite slides down his throat.  The red light changes to green and he slowly removes the pressure on the brake so his car can gently resume his homeward bound progress.




He yanks open the microwave door and carefully removes his steaming dinner, beef stroganoff.  He pokes at the contents of the plastic tray as he makes his way to his couch and the small table he has set up there.  Taking in a forkful he frowns as the bland and slimy noodles dance across his tongue.  His dinner is boring.  His life is boring and he aches for so much more.

He isn’t even really watching the TV so he doesn’t miss anything as he reaches between the couch cushions and pulls out the pill container he keeps there and then grabs the water glass from the table in front of him.  Pop.  Pop.  Glug.  Glug.  He shudders as the familiar bite slides down his throat.  Then the room swirls around him as he brings a close to another day.

depositphotos_5815981-Spilled-pillsImage Credit: LedyCap



164 thoughts on “the familiar bite

  1. You’ve been under the weather too? On the mend now? Nasty, huh! I hate these meds that alleviate some symptoms only to flood us with other not so great sensations. Have not been thinking too clearly in the last week.

    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been out of circulation for a while, traveling and working and all that. I promise to catch up. In fact, I just planted myself on your couch. I hope the queen and the prince don’t mind.

    • They don’t mind at all. The couch is big enough for visitors and then some.
      Yep, been fighting a cold all week, and just haven’t felt myself all week. Need the meds to be awake enough to work, but the writing has seemed more forced than normal. The ideas that usually spiral off each other aren’t doing anything but blinking back at me… a stalemate to see who breaks cover and makes the first move.

  2. just haven’t felt myself – ok that’s your line and can take that several ways lol
    I could hear that write with the beep and ring and gulp etc
    I figured inspired by your cold meds – amazing what inspires us

  3. New blog looks a-maz-ing. Big props to TD.

    Even when you’re sick, you write gorgeous and imaginative fiction. I had my own little interpretations for what each pill was, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

    Hope you feel better soon, Matticus love! I know it’s hard to get sleep with a little one, but it gets better. I promise…

    • Last night had the double whammy of the kiddo fussing all night and one of my cats getting into trouble and then crying for attention starting at 4:15…

      Then had to get up early anyway to do some work this morning…

      Still sniffling. Head throbbing. Day not yet even starting. For a few hours of sleep I’m longing. The universe is laughing.

      • Oh, no! Is there any possible way you can ask the Queen if she can run the kingdom whilst you take a nap today?

        If I lived closer, I would come over and babysit the Prince, put the cats outside and let both you and the Queen take a day-long nap!

        Sleep-cation. That’s what that’s called, I believe.

      • A sleep-cation does sound lovely, yes.

        Unfortunately, The Qeen got as little sleep (or less) than I did. So, I couldn’t do that to her. Especially since she is running the kingdom all week long while I’m at work, and this morning again while I’m working. Nope, if anything it will be my turn to abscond with the Little Prince so that she can catch a few extra hours.

  4. Now that is truly bugnuts. Disquieting, uncomfortable, sort of funny. Bugnuts, you know? I wanted it to keep going. I wanted to know what would become of this chap.

    This is terrific. I don’t use that word often. I like it better than most of your other stuff (which I also like). I think it takes your ability to be creative to another level. And just sounds kind of effortless in the telling.

    • Wrote this one for you. Wrote it trying to be bugnuts. So, I’m glad that it was. 😀
      Thanks for the praise and support.
      And, don’t worry, I will continue in my pursuit of bugnuts stories going forward. Now that I’ve had a taste (mmmm, bugnuts taste like superbgravy), I want more!

      • Not that I’m trying to encourage you to go crazy… but Matticus, spinning narrative tales meant to be narratives puts limits on itself, and I think you have the talent to work without limits. This is a great example. It is really different from your other stuff. It is very very creative and I think writing is supposed to be that way, breaking new ground. Going different places.

        Really well done, it was a pleasure to read. I will rememer this one.

        But if you do feel like going completely bugnuts, that’s okay too. It’s kinda fun actually.

  5. Ooh. this one is dark. I like it. I love how the day begins and ends with a beep Beep BEEP. After all those pills and the stressful job I can’t help but wonder if it will ultimately end with a Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

    • I was just going to repeat “Pop. Pop. Glug. Glug,” but then decided that the next sentence needed to be part of it too. For anyone who has taken meds (or non-meds) for any length of time they get used to the taste of the pills, and it becomes as much a part of the experience as the rest.

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