Getting the Stuph treatment

Or… something like that.

Hey all, did you notice the big change?  The banner and theme change and total layout reconfiguration are all the work of the one and only Twindaddy.

Very nice, right?  Do you concur, like a … well, you know.  No?  Maybe?  I’d love to hear what you think about it, and of course, you should definitely jump over and say hello to Twindaddy as well.

And, there might be a few more changes to the look and flow of the kingdom today, if my head can ever release itself from the cold medicine fog its been in the last couple days, as I play around with settings and other such stuph.

One last thing: start the imperial march song in your head, or actually play it if you have it readily available, and link drop:

Boom BoomBoom!

165 thoughts on “Getting the Stuph treatment

  1. I like the new setup and the menu layouts. I have a question about the header though but don’t want to offend anyone by asking it 🙂

      • That’s exactly it: were you going for a mock-religious look (because “Kingdom”) or just coincidence?

        It looks cool either way, but the first thing that came to mind was the birth of Jesus…


      • That’s exactly what the Queen thought. I didn’t see it until she pointed it though, and I’m fairly certain that isn’t what TD had in mind.

      • It still looks awesome, just Kingdom with that imagery may bring some confused new followers 😉

        Luckily the rest of us know better 😀

  2. Ack! Another blog I’ve gotten used to by sight has changed their look! Oh well, that’s made up for by that header, which may be the best one I’ve seen yet!

    • Haha
      No worries. I liked the old theme too, which is why I hadn’t changed it from when I first started the blog. But, it’s good to shake things up occasionally.

  3. And here I thought that maybe it was my mobile device not allowing me to see cool themes. Congrats on the new look, it is majestic. 🙂

    • Glad you like it. The new theme will show up differently on your mobile device than it does on a computer. I think it scrubs the pictures and only shows you the title of the posts rather than having the whole posts shown one on top of the other.

  4. The banner looks great, Matt! What a nice surprise. I love the color, too.

    TD, you are a sweet and creative man. You go on with your bad self.

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