Ode to the Blank Page and Blinking Cursor by Dream Follower

Check out this fantastic poem written by my friend, Dream Follower.  She just started a blog this week and has already written several amazing thing. So, head on over and show her some love.  I’m closing comments and only posting an excerpt of the poem to entice you, to encourage you, to click over and read and comment on her site.


Ode to the Blank Page and the Blinking Cursor

The imagination skips, delights, stymies.
There are untold realms of thought, flights of fancy.
There is no limit.
Where to?  Where to?
Now what?  Now what?
Innocently blinking all the possibilities and yet none.

There can be depth, there can be tall tales, there can be truth, or falsities.
There is only all of forever and no time like the present.
This one blinking moment, this one blank page,
These empty moments of reflection, these echoing vast chasms of randomness,
The long hallway of elongating possibilities, the daunting thought of choosing just one path,
Laying one brick down, pulling one word at a time.

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