answer willingly

 photo meadow_zps5110d5fa.jpg

It was one of those perfect days, the kind that etch themselves permanently in your memory, constantly reminisced, often sought, and never duplicated.  The high clouds hinted at a storm, but that just lent a sense of urgency to eke out every last moment of enjoyment from the day that we could.  And when the storm finally came, we would welcome it as a relief from the hot days and as a soothing aide for our tired muscles.  In the meantime, the cool waters were inviting as the day passed into the afternoon, and we pushed our canoe into the stillness to see what adventures we could find in the remaining hours of light.

We explored the far edges, the dark corners, the hidden coves, of the lake.  We fished.  We chatted.  We tested our strength and drove the canoe up river as far as we could muster.  We drank in the beauty of our environs.  The water, trees, and rocks danced across our vision.  The world whispered its secrets to us and we listened raptly.  There was nothing but us and our yearning to answer the call of the wild.  We were powerless to resist.

As the light began to fade, the sun slipping beyond the western canyon wall, the whispering of the earth faded away, and we made our way back to our camp.  We were sad to have to leave the magic of the day behind, but we knew that the following day the call would come forth again, and we would answer it again.  We would answer willingly.


Gearing up for summer.  I can’t wait to go camping and backpacking again.  If you’ve been hanging around the kingdom for awhile you know that I’m partial to those two activities, and how else could I respond to this Once More with Feeling picture prompt but to dream that I was already there, paddling around the lake, exploring the unknown, testing my limits and resolve, …?

And you?  What do you see when you look at the picture?  Write it, link it, post it!


31 thoughts on “answer willingly

  1. I’ve had days like that, minus the camp at the end.
    Perfect indeed.

    (“eek” should be “eke”. a small change, but I got a big laugh at the meeting before I realized the typo.)

  2. Well, that gave me shivers of desire and anticipation. To have that tranquility right now would be so welcome. But there are monsters that must be slayed before we can take a break. No rest for the weary and all that. Thank you for providing at least a moment of peaceful respite. 🙂

  3. Resting; looking at the trillions of stars in a night time sky; playing frizbee golf with my husband and daughter; never leaving there.

  4. yes, you’ve made me long for those warm drawn-out summer days with your picture and your words, both. laying out on the water in a canoe, just floating, talking, laughing. no agenda, no timeline.

      • I thought you lived in the land of always-summer. The place where never-beens such as we go in our has-dreams.

        Actually, most of our snow has melted. We started seeing grass again two days ago.

      • I do live in the land of constant 68 degree, sunny bliss. Also known as boringsville. Sadly, it is not where I want to live. I long for the mountains…

      • Meet you in Lake Louise. That drive between Banff and Jasper in western Alberta, through the Rockies, is a dream. Halfway through, you can even go up and walk on a glacier. Swear you can feel it moving.

  5. Lovely piece. Invokes the senses. When I look at that picture I think ‘vacation.’ Probably because I haven’t had one. I knew we should’ve gone somewhere on spring break…

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