it’s a good game

“Let’s play Drop.”

“What’s that?”

Charles thought through his answer before responding.  He needed to choose his words carefully if he was going to convince his brother to play along.  “It’s a new kind of magic.”

“Magic?”  Casey’s eyes brightened at the word.  “Like the card game?”

“No, it isn’t a card game…”  Charles launched into a brief explanation of the game, what their roles would be, and what the potential outcome was.

Casey’s eyes grew wider as the plan was formulated, he was more excited than he could ever remember being.  “I’m nervous, though,” he confided.  “We’ll have to be quiet.  We’ll have to be patient.  And you know how I hate sitting still, my feet go to sleep and then when I try to move they feel like they are being stabbed by pins and knitting needles.”

Charles ignored the wrong expression, there was too much at stake to worry about such trivialities.  “Think of the glory.  Think of the rewards!”

His brother nodded in appreciation of what they would accomplish if they were successful in this new game, this mission.  “Okay, let’s do it.”

They quickly gathered the items they would need to play the game and then secreted through the house to get into position.  Once ready, their eyes met and they shared a moment of silent conversation, as only twins can do.  Reassurance passed back and forth.  They were doing the right thing.  They would win this game.

Charles dropped the heavy book, a reference manual of some sort he had seen his dad use on more than one occasion while completing the Sunday crossword, on the glass top of the desk in the study.  The accompanying clap echoed through the house, but Charles and Casey didn’t even notice as they were already on the move.

“What was that?”  Their father’s voice carried up the stairs.  The boys dove into their hiding place and began the hardest part of the plan.  They had to wait, hope he would come up to investigate the noise, and wouldn’t see them as he passed their hiding spot.  If it worked, if he moved down the hall to see why his book had fallen onto the desk, they would sneak down the stairs and victory would be theirs.

They would steal candy from a grownup.


Oh, I don’t know.  I was in the mood for something silly, and this is what my brain provided based on the prompt words for this week’s Inspiration Monday Writing Challenge:

Inspiration Monday logo

The Rules

There are none. Read the prompts, get inspired, write something. No word count minimum or maximum. You don’t have to include the exact prompt in your piece, and you can interpret the prompt(s) any way you like.


No really; I need rules!

Okay; write 200-500 words on the prompt of your choice. You may either use the prompt as the title of your piece or work it into the body of your piece. You must complete it before 6 pm CST on the Monday following this post.

The Prompts:






I couldn’t pick between the prompt words.  So, I used all of them.  It seemed like the thing to do.

60 thoughts on “it’s a good game

    • Hahaha
      Yeah. I was struggling with when to reveal that a) they were children and b) they were after some candy. I would have liked to keep the fact that they were kids hidden a bit longer than I did, but it is what it is.

And, begin:

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