Winning Stories

As promised, here are the winning entries for the writing contest.  You know, the one I didn’t win.  That’s the way these things go sometimes.  But, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

bestdog makeoverdogI was tempted to close comments on this post…  But, curiosity is going to get the better of me, as is its way.  I would appreciate any honest feedback you have on my piece:  After reading the winning submissions, can you see something in my story I could have improved upon?  Something that might have turned the judges off?  Anything you can provide to help me with my writing?


15 thoughts on “Winning Stories

  1. I think the difference between these two pieces and yours, is one of themes. In your piece, you dealt with a very serious subject matter – domestic violence. And your hero – the dog – helps put an end to it. In the first piece here, the narrator is the dog, so brownie points there. And while the dog says his owner is evil, we really don’t know anything; it could simply be the perception of an innocent mind. In the second piece, there is a lot going right; the child who cuts the family pet’s hair. This is very easily relatable. And how the family reacts to it is also relatable. I honestly don’t think any one of these stories is better than the others, they are simply different styles, and when judging anything artistic it is always subjective.

    • Thanks for the feedback.
      I understand what you are saying… and agree with you. I guess all the typical aspects of a contest (merit, readability, relatability, depth, etc…) do all rely on the perspective of the judges, and could therefore only be subjective.

  2. I’m not a fan of humanizing our pets but it makes for a light – hearted piece because some folks dig that kind of read. I didn’t read the other. I read the intro of the other piece and stopped there. It didn’t catch my attention, but, again, some prefer the relatable, easy reads.

    Meh… my two cents. (grin)

  3. I promised myself to look at the winning entries with an objective mine. I could critique the best dog for quite a while.

    The second story had typos and unoriginal story line From what I could gather about this particular contest was the winners came from the same area. And might have been part of a local writing group. Your story had plot different points of view dialogue etc. And suspense and surprises. It was the most original of the three (not counting mine which was also) Contest judges do not always pick the best story. As said above – subjective

    • Thank you for the comments, and continued support of my writing.
      I had wondered if they would find reasons to pick local authors so they would have the opportunity to read them at their event… but, I think, in the end they saw something in these two pieces that resonated with them. These were more what they were looking for. I knew going in that if I submitted something dark it might loose to something happy/funny/etc… But, had to go where the words took me, as always.

      • parts of it have been on my other persona. The rest will be eventually. Unless you want a special read – could send it. The dog in mine was based party on my pharmacists dog. I learned though the dog had to be put down recently. I told Jeff about the story and he wanted to see it so I gave it to him. Have no idea what he thinks

      • I’d be curious to read it, yes, if you feel like sharing. But, if you want to wait until you hear back from Jeff, or I can just wait until you decide to the post the rest, too.

  4. Like the others have said, it’s subjective. Of these two, I prefered the first story, probably because I’m a sci-fi/fantasy fiction geek. But my preference would be for yours, and I’m not just saying that. Your story showed a background and a depth to the characters, especially with the changes of perspective.

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