I want to run to the end, spread my arms, and fly.  I don’t think about the impossibility of that.  The call to do so is strong enough to keep all doubts at bay.  I know, when I leap, I will soar over the smooth surface of the water.

The closing words of the first Pirates movie come to me as my feet start to move, “Now, bring me that horizon.”  Yes.  Yes, that is what I want.  Freedom.  Adventure.  The kisses of sea and sun on my skin.  The air rushing passed my face.  I will reach the end.  I will jump.  I will fly.

The boards creak under my feet, which are moving faster with each step, and like springs the planks propel me forward.  Each step becomes a leap of its own.  The end of the pier draws close.  The beginning of my freedom is just beyond.  I’m almost there.  My arms raise at my sides, the wind tugging at them, preparing to hold me aloft.

In the last instant I coil my feet under me, pressing into the pier with all my weight, all my force, and then I unleash the straining muscles to jump as high and far as I can.  I clear the railing easily.  While I feel gravity pushing on me, it doesn’t concern me, my will keeps me airborne.  The breakers slapping at the pylons fades into the background behind the sound of the air as I speed away.

I am flying.

I am free.


When I first saw the picture for the current Once More With Feeling, I immediately thought about running to the end to jump off.  Everything else followed that one thought.

And you?  What do you see or feel when you look at the picture?  Write it, link it, post it!

38 thoughts on “horizon

  1. Oh, I love it. There’s often a moment in my life where time stops dead and the only thing going through my head is, “Now, bring me that horizon.” It’s such an awe-inspiring line and suits many moments.

  2. The picture made me think of the Punisher movie, but your description is a much happier and better(er) thought! I wish it were summer (or at least spring. And don’t mention your pretty weather)

    • Wind today. Gross.
      That whole scene made me mad. The original story of how his family died was compelling enough, they didn’t need to go completely over the top like they did.

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