a shared day letter

My amazing wife, the wonderful Queen,

While most of the attention will be given to the Little Prince today, as is fitting, as is expected, you deserve recognition, praise, and love as well.

Today is the anniversary of his birth.  But, as I recall, you did most of the work to make that happen.  You prepared him and our home for his arrival.  You did the research.  You made sweeping changes to your diet.  You stepped away from the career you loved.  And then you brought the Little Prince into this world.

I’d say that’s worthy of a celebration too.  A month of celebrations, really.  Which would be fitting since you are a Queen after all.  Jubilee is already taken though so we’ll have to think of something else to call it.  (I’m sure the kingdomites would be happy to provide a few suggestions.)

Today is special, yes, and that’s because of you.  The sacrifices you have made.  The choices.  The daily tasks and chores.  The care.  The love.  The attention to what matters most.  The Little Prince is one, and that is because you have made sure he made it through those first 365 days laughing, singing, crowing, sniffling, screaming, squirming, kicking, running, slapping, teetering, climbing, grabbing, shoveling, munching, adventuring, living.

Thank you for all you do, my love.  For the prince.  For our family.

Today I celebrate both the Little Prince and you.

As I should.



75 thoughts on “a shared day letter

  1. as a mother I agree! I celebrate each of my sons birthdays as well
    , it is a joy, have a fun month of celebrating, I will work on a name for you…but know, it’s only just begun

  2. Joyful Jamboree? Royal Revelry? Whatever you end up calling this celebration, this is a very heartwarming tribute to the Queen. Congrats to you both for Year 1 of the Little Prince.

    • I think that settles it. From 3/25 to 4/25 every year shall henceforth be known as Royal Revelry. There will be cake, and silliness, and other celebratory norms. Woohoooooo!

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