The Durgle

There is this dinosaur named Rara.  Perhaps you’ve heard of her?

She wrote a book.  Perhaps you’ve seen it before?


It’s on my bookshelf, and has been for sometime.  I’ve read it, of course.  You don’t put something like that on a bookshelf until after you’ve devoured the contents.  To do otherwise would invite the world to collapse upon itself.  Then again, sometimes things like that need to happen…

But, you’ll only understand that last comment once you’ve read this story.  And it is a story you all must read.  You can find it on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Goodreads.


Did you follow that?  Magic.  Love.  A hero.  It has it all.  And, the story coming to life through Grayson’s art is a bonus.

It sounds amazing, right?  That’s because it is.

What are you still doing here?  Go.  Go now.  Add this book to your cart.  Start the shipping process so you can read it that much sooner.  So it can find its way to your bookshelf that much quicker.  Though, it won’t stay there.

No, this book will get taken down again and again so you can relive the magic, you can share the story, you can relish the beauty of the words, and, more importantly, the beauty of the meaning behind the words.

Have you heard the story of the hero who killed the world?


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