Orange Buffalo

“An orange buffalo is a thing we are told exists, but doesn’t. It’s all the things our parents and teachers taught us to believe and strive for.
Once on the quest for the orange buffalo, you never want to stop because it would be admitting the perfect life doesn’t exist.”

That’s all it took.  Those three sentences and I was hooked…


I’m sure you’ve seen posts and comments about this book going around the blogosphere.  Rara even hosted a a prompt called the Orange Report that was related to the concepts within this novel.  And you probably thought, “Oh, I should check that out at some point.”  Maybe you even have already…

But, if you haven’t.

You should.


Rara will tell you that some people who have read her husband’s books decide they need to make life altering changes.  She warns you before you start.  Be careful.  I won’t go that far (except I guess I sort of just did), but I will say there were moments in this book when I was compelled to read passages out loud, and I don’t do that.  Ever.

Grayson has written a compelling and insightful story.  It pegs the generation he is part of.  It rips apart societal norms.  It questions the way we lead our lives, the way we are “supposed to” lead our lives.  And, it is worth reading.

So, no more procrastinating.  Other projects can wait.  The long line of books on your to-read list need not apply here.  Load it to your favorite reading device, settle in for the long haul, and devour this book.  That is an official kingdom decree.

You can find it on Amazon and Goodreads.

Once you’ve finished it, and you loved it, which will happen, go check out all the awesome Orange Buffalo related goodies they have up for offer on their Redbubble shop.

And if you aren’t convinced yet (and I can’t imagine how that is possible) here is what Grayson and Rara have to say about it.


47 thoughts on “Orange Buffalo

  1. I took advantage of the free Kindle copy in honor of Grayson’s birthday. I started the book but haven’t had a chance to continue. Your review makes me anxious to get back into it.

  2. As soon as I finish this cray cray Uni semester I am getting that book. Here’s an interesting fact, like an orange buffalo, did you know that the original Boomerangs weren’t supposed to come back? And they were HUGE. Like great big heavy things. They were designed to bring an animal down with one whack, then you collected it when you picked up the animal. The new light ones that come back were made for the tourist trade. They’re like the sports model. Fact.

    • That’s a pretty awesome fact. And something I had always considered. I knew they were originally used for hunting, so if you were a good hunter, you wouldn’t miss, and it wouldn’t come back anyway.
      I have a couple boomerangs that some family friends brought back from Australia from me when I was much younger. I took one out to a park once to try and get the hang of throwing it so it would come back… fail. I could never do it consistently.

  3. So you finished? That last part, with Abby? That’s me, including the shared dream– random, right? Thank you so much for doing this. *hugs* Can’t wait to see you, and hopefully the fam, on Saturday!

    • The Queen and Little Prince are now 99.99% likely to be there. 😀
      Considering we have plans in Long Beach with family before the get together…
      I’ll have to go back and read the last part again. Alas, my mind isn’t what it used to be.

  4. It’s on too thank goodness. However, I think I need to get my parents to randomly buy me an Amazon voucher so I can get it. Easter is coming up, I think that might be a good enough excuse!

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