one last look

 photo novascotia_zps58240b2c.jpg
Photo Credit: David Saunders

The family had been vacationing at the lake house for years.  Visiting in the winter had it’s challenges, of course, but to get to enjoy the beauty of the lake undisturbed by the summer masses made them all worthwhile.  When they had to shovel out the driveway to park their car in the garage they knew that meant they would have the roads to themselves.  When they had to bring in their own food because the store was closed for the season they knew they would have quiet mornings undisturbed by screaming children racing to jump into the cool waters.  When they had to make the freezing runs from house to outhouse in the middle of the night they knew they wouldn’t have to worry about it already being occupied by a neighbor.

They would wake and enjoy a leisurely morning by a crackling fire, a cup of coffee wrapped in their hands, the steam rolling over the lip and swirling around carelessly in their buffets of air.  Then they would pile on the layers and venture out into the snow covered world to explore the boundaries of the lake, or dare a rowboat to try their luck at fishing, or just to sit on the deck and watch the red morning turn into a beautiful blue day.

The sunrises and sunsets blurred together until, all too soon, it was time to pack up and head home, back to the real world, to their jobs and responsibilities and obligations.  They always stopped just before the lake house disappeared from view, to take one last look at the serenity they were leaving behind.

It hurt.  The quaint house, the lake, the snow, the quiet, the calm, called to them.  Urged them to stay.  Their heads knew they needed to head home, but their hearts argued they were already there.  With a shake of their heads and a set of sad smiles they continued down the road, knowing they would be back next winter.


Just a bit of fiction for this week’s Once More With Feeling.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a lake house in the winter, but it sure looks romantic from this picture.  It’s certainly tempting….

What do you see when you look at the picture?  What do you feel?  Write it, link it, post it!


39 thoughts on “one last look

  1. “Their heads knew they needed to head home, but their hearts argued they were already there.” Love that line. Thanks for entering Matt.

    • Careful. It’s like a certain hotel… you can check out, but you can never leave.
      Though, unlike the hotel, I don’t think that’s a bad thing at the cottage.

    • The Queen and I used to take several vacations during the winter to go play in the snow. The last two years though, due to the imminent arrival of the Little Prince and then him being around making it more difficult, we haven’t made it out to play in the snow as often. We’ve still gone, just not with the frequency we used to. I miss it some days.

  2. I see it as a home, or perhaps a beacon of safety for someone who’s been on the move (or on the run) for ages and is exhausted, in need of a safe place, and this is a place they remember from way back when, and it is safe, and they’re taken in and given rest.

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