howls and moans

The ghosts danced across the road,
Barely perceived except the occasional shimmering glint,
Caught in my headlights.

They flitted across the corners of my vision,
Only visible when I wasn’t looking for them,
And didn’t want to see them.

They surrounded my car, a swirling mass of shouting voices,
Rocking my frame, lashing against the windshield,
And then vanishing into the darkness.

Their howls and moans rising and falling,
Their swarms attacking in waves,
Their terror never fading.

The ghosts had other motorists to haunt,
As they flew loose and free about the world,
Driven by the wind.

I hate the wind…

70 thoughts on “howls and moans

    • Alas, there is not enough room under the bed for me anymore, so I took poetry as the best of my available options. 😉
      I owe you an email or two and a post…
      I had hoped to do the post this week, but work was crazy and I’ve been fighting a bug of some sort and didn’t get to spend as much time writing as I wanted. So, now I’m hoping to get it up next week.

    • Lazy winds! I love that description. Yes, I had those where I grew up. I don’t get them as much where I live currently, but I can tell the wind is thinking about being lazy sometimes. It aspires to laziness.

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