Fauxpocalypse for Blogophilia 2.7

Sue did a write up on Fauxpocalypse for Blogophilia today. I think she did a great job of dissecting the stories and finding the themes that carry through all of them. You should go check it out!



Scientists predict life on Earth will end on  July 15, 2015.  A comet called  Grijalva named after Catherine Grijalva, the scientist  who discovered it, will destroy the planet.

But the oncoming megatons of rock and ice break up shortly before impact. Now humanity must live in a world most believed would not exist. Across the planet, people are haunted by the future they did not fear, and even those who did not embrace death must face the consequences of others’ decisions.

The world prepares. People surround themselves with their loved ones, spend all their money, essential  services such as power, water and gas cease. Looting is pervasive.         Streets become dangerous.

The comet misses hitting Earth. but  the debris from the comet still littered the sky obscuring sunlight  While the world wouldn’t end from the comet, small rocks might land and do local damage.

In the months prior to the…

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