Have I mentioned

How awesome the WordPress community is?

Well, you are awesome.  Normally I would have said awesomesauce, and I might have even said awesomesauceh, but commercials have begun using that so I can’t do it anymore.  I’m in the market for a new word, maybe spectacujam…?  I think I should continue thinking on that…

Anyway, back to the point.  Yes, I have a point.  Hey!  It happens sometimes.  I’m not always about silliness.  Just because I’m silly 99.9999999325% of the time doesn’t mean I can’t be serious too.

I think…

I’m not really sure anymore.

And, look, you got me off track again.  Bad kingdomites!  As your punishment, I need you to check out this link: http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/help-save-a-home/142484

Can you believe we have already raised over $1,100 dollars to help out Merry and her husband?  That’s outstanding.  I’m floored by the outpouring of support they have received.

There is still a bit to go before they reach the goal that will ensure they can keep their home, though, so if you can, please send a bit of love, or hugs, or money, or flamethrowers to help torch all those pesky feathers, or whatever you can.

I may have gotten off track there, but I think you got the general message, right?


And, don’t forget to drop by and thank Zoe for setting up the donation site and getting this all rolling.

Hooray for people acting like, well, people.  I knew we still could if we wanted to.  I know we can help Merry save her home.


What’s one thing you’ve done that you are especially proud of?

61 thoughts on “Have I mentioned

  1. Spectacujam on it! That has a good ring to it!

    You are _______(adjective to replace awesomesauceh) for posting this again.

    • True. Also, I kept having to keep my fingers from typing spunk… and that’s also bad.
      So, veto, I think.
      Which is sad, because it could have been something good. Alas, onward I go wtih the silly word hunt.

  2. That’s a great cause. It’s so nice that the internet can connect us to friends and, in turn, helps us help them. If I had a job right now I would definitely give sometime, but alas, I do not. Soon though!

    • Enh, jobs are overrated. Then you have to get up early, and actually go in every day, and do that work stuff. Blah. Who wants to do that?! 😉
      Soon = you’ve already got a job lined up and just waiting for it to start? or you are on the job hunt and fingers crossed you’ll find something soon?
      I’m still geeking out about the amazing showing of support we’ve gotten for Merry. Go WordPress community!

  3. I am pro Merry but I have to say, and I offer all apologies, but in reference to your post above this one, I am ANTI-eBook. e-books killed bookstores. They murdered the salaries for professional writers and they make my eyeballs THROB. There’s not substitute for paper and ink. The only people who should be happy about eBooks are trees.

    There. I have spoken.

    • Your opinion on the matter has been duly noted… and while I agree that ebooks have forced the industry to change, competition should never be viewed as a bad thing. And, I can’t fault people for taking advantage of the market… if there was no demand, then ebooks (and their readers) would not be as successful as they have been.

    • I do enjoy kicking supersauce ass. One of my favorite past times.
      I also enjoy a bit of superbgravy from time to time. I like to drizzle it over my shenanigans…

  4. spectujam just sounds “dirty”,,like some kind of jam coming spurting out of something, like a jelly donut or something.You could be a spectujamular, spectujammer!!
    My kids made up a word for weird people they call them “Muks, or Muk Muk”
    Anyways, great post and I reblogged it for a great cause for a wonderul lady 🙂

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