rain delay

Rain, rain, here to stay,
Pouring down all live long day.


It’s raining, it’s pouring, Matticus is boring,
The same sad song, the words are gone,
The muse is off and snoring.


Are you not entertained?


You want more than rewritten silliness about rain and stolen movie quotes?

But, it’s Friday and my brain is mush…  Please have mercy on me.

Okay, okay, how about this:

The mighty wizard peered through the stained glass, glowering at the rivulets that cascaded down the colored surface.  He’d had such hopes for the day, but the storm had thwarted all of his plans.  Adverting his gaze to the mug of tea grasped in his hands, enjoying the puff of steam that rose from the liquid and swirled with the currents in his room, he calmed his raging mind.

He could easily cast spells that would disrupt the clouds and send them on their way, but that magic would leave him too weak to carry out the other sorcery he had in mind.  No, he must be patient and wait out the rain and wind.  The storm would pass, and then he would have his day.

Blowing over the top of his mug, sending the steam pouring over the opposite rim to disappear beyond the edge as it was reclaimed by the air, he took a sip and then went to his seat by the fire.  It crackled and popped in greeting and he let time slip with his eyes lost in the dance of the coals.

The storm continued unabated long into the evening, well beyond any time he might have been able to salvage his objective, but he went to sleep that night lulled into dreams by the percussive dibble dops of rain playing on his roof and the sense of overwhelming triumph he would now on the morrow.  The storm had merely delayed the inevitable.  The world would still be his.


There.  Satisfied?  Can I go enjoy my weather now?

I love the rain.  I like everything about it.  The cleansing feeling of walking through it.  The way it wipes the world clean.  The sustenance it provides the living things of the world.  It is definitely my favorite weather.  And you?  Love it?  Hate it?  What is your favorite type of weather?

196 thoughts on “rain delay

  1. If I’m not going anywhere, then thunderstorms.

    If I’m driving, then a crisp, sunny fall day works for me.

    • I love mountain thunderstorms where the lightning cracks the sky in half, and the thunder echoes down the canyons like the world world is going to split in two…

    • Wow! That is a full house. Have a wonderful weekend with your family all gathered together!
      I hope the weather clears up a bit on Sunday – I think it is supposed to stay rainy and windy tomorrow, right?
      And, yeah, fingers crossed for a job at UCLA – that would be awesome!!!

  2. I’m happy you are getting rain. I hope things don’t flood. Temps in the 60’s during the day, 30’s at night and clear sky is ideal. Or thunderstorms at night, when the lightning is vivid.

    • Yeah, 60’s during the day and 30’s at night – that sounds pretty good to me. And my only problem with lightning at night is that I don’t get to enjoy it as much as I would if it happened during the day – because sleeping, hopefully.

  3. You can scoff but I thought the poem was fantastic. And I’m not just lathering your ass. Highly amusing.

    I was riding up in the elevator and on elevator TV (yes, we have elevator TV so we don’t have to acknowledge one another) they ran a blurb about how Cali is being inundated with MUCH NEEDED rain. So no complaints, right?

    I love ALL types of weather, which is why I got the hell out of Phoenix after 18 months. They only have ONE type of weather. Most boring job in the world: Phoenix weatherman.

    • “Tomorrow forecast calls for hot and sunny. And, the next it looks like we are going to be in for more hot and sunny. Though, we do have the nights to look foreword too, while it will be hot still, at least it will be dark.”
      I grew up in the desert. I know all about boring weather forecasts. Though, where I grew up we had the added benefit of wind. Some days it would be windy. Some days it would be really windy. Some days it seemed like your car wasn’t going to stay on the ground. Good times.
      At least phoenix gets some monsoonal patterns occasionally.

      And, yes, I’m not complaining about the rain at all. We desperately need it here.

      • Do you know what a dust devil is? It can really put a wrench in your schedule.

        People think the desert is barren and dead but it’s not. It’s actually quite beautiful. Just not to live in.

      • I am intimately familiar with dust devils. And by that I mean, they have violated me in places and ways I’d rather not talk about.

        Yes, the desert is beautiful… in paintings.

  4. I love rainy, snowy, stormy days. They’re my favorite and when I get all of my good writing and thinking and tea drinking done. Although, sadly, my particular health problems are very susceptible to changes in barometric pressure, but,on the plus side, that means I know the storm is coming several days before it does. Clearly, I missed my calling as a shaman.

  5. I used to like rain. And then we got a dog. A very hairy dog who shakes all the raindrops off of her fur and onto our couches. A dog that tracks in mud and no matter how much you wipe the paws off with a towel, she still tracks it in the house. Sigh.
    So I like it when I’m inside with nothing to do but relax and stare out the window. Which is rare.

    • That sitting and watching the rain fall is pretty magical. I enjoy that too. Almost as much as I enjoy being out in the rain.
      Also, that’s why we have cats, and never let them outside. They are still incredibly messy, but I don’t have to worry about them shaking off the wet and ick from outside.

  6. Ha! I am currently sitting in a caravan staring at the beach through the driving rain. The children have long since lost any semblance of being under control, the adults are killing each other slowly. I am sharing a van with my grandmother who is both deaf and senile. As she has gone deaf her accent has gotten worse. We are at the point where I understand about half of what she says. The rest is a weird combination of charades, mimes and pictionary because she cannot hear my questions. She cannot work the light switches in the bathroom. There is one switch for ‘light’ one for ‘heat’ and one for ‘fan’. I am required to go to the bathroom and operate the high-tech lights for her every time she needs to use the facilities. The water pressure is non existent. I had to wave a tissue under the faucet to make sure the water was actually on. Please send alcohol.

      • Apparently we got some rain in our little piece of the world this weekend. Which was good, because we are in a major drought, but it still funny to compare numbers – I think we got 6 inches over the weekend… hard to think that’s an appreciable amount when compared to the totals everyone else is dealing with.

    • Hahahaha
      Love it. I was doing the happy dance too. Even when the rain started leaking through the non-existent sealant around our 30 year old windows…

  7. I like rain on days when I can stay in bed all day & nap & read. I don’t like rain on days when I have to go outside. I don’t know what it is about humans – we all act like we’re going to melt in the rain.

  8. We really don’t need any more rain here in England just about now! We’d quite like the chance to dry out, please!

    It depends on the rain. A thunderstorm on a hot day is great, but weeks of constant steady rain with the occasional complete downpour get a bit wearing.

    • I have heard that… the clouds, the soggy nature of everything, it can really wear you down.
      But, I grew up in the desert, so rain is and always will be a wonderful thing for me.

      • More the fact that you forget what the sun, moon and stars look like and everything but everything is grey. (It really doesn’t help that we wear grey habits too.) If only we could send some of the UK’s rain to where it is needed…

      • I’d take some!!
        Eventually scientists will figure out how to do that…
        Grey is a color I’ve never minded, but, again, I’ve never been saturated by it.

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