Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 21

Matticus and Revis’ vision cleared and they found themselves on a green expanse between another soft looking dwelling and a densely populated forest.

“How many more times are we going to jump?”  Matticus’ question to his Knight went unanswered though, because there was a commotion coming from the house.  Knight and Jester watched two people fight there way free from the house and then flee into the words nearby.  There was a brief exchange that they couldn’t quite hear, and then the two people, a child and a woman, vanished into the darkness.  And then the whole world vanished again as they were swept through another portal.

There was no light change to get used to, though, as one darkness was changed for another, deeper.  From the feel of the air and the smell of the place, Revis could tell they had found themselves in a cave.

“Don’t move,” he whispered to Matticus.  His words echoed in the empty spaces of the cavern despite how quietly he had spoken them.  “There could be a drop off anywhere.”

When his words came back to them, however, they had changed to the voice of a very young boy, “Go then, there are other worlds than these.”  The voice was haunting and then it disappeared as the Knight and Jester were transported again.

They next found themselves in a castle. Revis and Matticus were off to the side of the large dining room. Revis saw a man in green tights, a white shirt, a brown vest, and a feathered hat sitting on a table, facing a man with a crown on his head. This person of royalty had a mole on his face and was looking at the man intensely. “And why should the people listen to you,” the crowned man asked.

The Man In Tights answered, “Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.”

The entire room erupted with a giant gasp. A second later, they were in a new place.

They were in a building much like Twindaddy’s home. There were three people in a heated discussion: an older man, a younger man, and a woman about the same age as the younger man.

The older man was accusing the younger one of some grave misdeed. The younger man was protesting his innocence. The woman was pleading with them to stop arguing. Suddenly, the younger man turned into a giant green monster and creating a gaping hole in the wall with its fist.

Then, they jumped again and found themeselves in a store the likes of which neither man had seen before.  An attractive blonde, wearing far too little clothing to be seen in public was talking with a man who seemed to be purchasing what Matticus and Revis immediately recognized as the tools for dark deeds.

Then the man left the store and entered a very loud contraption that defied gravity.  Knowing that some sort of magic had to be at play, Revis tried to activate his ring, but before he could, the Jester and Knight were pulled from the world and dropped in a new one.

They were immediately assaulted by lights and thunderous music, and a pervaling smell of alcohol.  They felt saturated by it.  People swirled by them in various gawdy outfits, obviously engaged in some form of dance, but it wasn’t one that either man recognized.  The live band, playing on an elevated stage, seemed to become more and more frenzied with each passing second.  The gathered throng responded by increasing their own frenetic movement.

Matticus covered his mouth, the sound, the motion, it was more than he could handle.  He turned to disgorge the contents of his stomach, but was jostled by a well appointed gentleman before he could.

“Oh, excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to know where I could find Gatsby?”

When next they opened their eyes, they were standing outside a house. Looking through the window, they saw a little girl sleeping on the bed. With a loud crash, the door to the room came crashing down as two grappling men burst through it.

They watched as the two men fought. One was fully enraged. The other one seemed content to let the mad man vent his anger and stayed on the defensive. A woman ran in, trying to break up the fight. She fell to the ground in the ensuing melee.

By this time, the little girl was awake and crying. None of it seemed to matter to the enraged man. He continued until both men went through one of the room’s walls. The wall fell on top of the little girl. Revis and Matticus were about to break in through the window to help her when, suddenly, a man appeared out of nowhere.

“There’s someone else who can do this,” Matticus exclaimed.

“Let’s go ask him how we control this,” Revis added.

Before they could question him, the calmer man jumped on top of him and they both disappeared. Then, they saw another light flash and found themselves in the shadowy recesses of the oddest looking outhouse.  A giant mirror lined one wall, along with a group of basins, and there was a woman standing at them who appeared to be talking to herself.

“No, Al, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do this time around.”

“I know.  But, I …”  Looking up, the woman saw Matticus and Revis and asked “Are you supposed to be here?”

Stepping out of the corner, Matticus replied, “No, Dr. Becket, but you aren’t supposed to be here either.  The three of us are lost at the moment, aren’t we?”

“Who is that?  How do you know her?”  Revis stepped forward too, but kept his right hand ready to draw a dagger if needed.

“Him, actually.  Dr. Sam Becket.  He’s just trapped in a woman’s body right now.”

Revis was obviously confused, “What?”

“How do you know that?”  The quantum physicist backed away from the knight and jester.

“Not important,” Matticus responded calmly.  “But, I do know why you are here.  You are supposed to help us get home.  That is the wrong you are supposed to right this time.”

“What?”  Revis asked again.

Right as Matticus was about to explain, they were gone again. The next place they found themselves was in a kitchen. Sitting at the table were a white dog, sipping something out of a glass that Matticus remembered seeing at a bar, and an infant with an oddly shaped head. Both men weren’t sure what to make of the scene in front of them.

“What the deuce are you staring at,” the infant demanded.

Thinking he was hallucinating, Matticus turned to Revis and asked, “Why don’t we get out of here?”

“Why don’t you burn in hell!”

“Don’t mind him,” the dog said, once again making Matticus question whether or not he was hallucinating. “He’s just upset because I won’t let him play with his newest toy.”

“Why won’t you let him play with his toys?”

“The dog is afraid we’ll be trapped once we step through the portal,” the infant answered.

“You have a portal?”

Revis jumped across the table and grabbed the dog by his collar. “Take us to this portal,” he ordered.

Without a word, but after gulping down the rest of its drink, the dog led them all up a flight of steps, into a room with a baby bed. He opened the closet door, revealing the portal. “You ready,” Revis asked.

With a nod, both men stepped through the portal.

29 thoughts on “Revis and Matticus Save the Kingdom, Chapter 21

  1. Good thing y’all chose that closet door. Rumor has it that an evil monkey lives in one of the closets there.

    • Me too. And it happens to me all the time. Then I wonder if it is worse to catch it after the fact and realize I made the mistake or it is worse all the times I must make mistakes and don’t see them?

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