ripples in the water

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As the day drew to a close and the lake guests went their separate ways, Devon and Amber pulled themselves out of the water to rest lazily on the dock and watch the sun set.  It wasn’t often they got to enjoy those quiet moments together as the lake grew busier and the responsibilities of their lives pulled them elsewhere, so they made sure to enjoy the sunsets they could.  They knew life was too short to squander those fleeting moments.

It had been another magical day.  They’d each saved a couple lives as they patrolled the water.  Their assistance had been vital for the young and old alike.  Sometimes all that was required was a push towards shore to get little legs back on solid ground.  Sometimes it was a steadying hand or calming influence for tiring bodies.  Sometimes it was giving someone a boost up from the depths when too much playing had sent them floundering below.  Whatever the need, the couple were their to offer aid.

When not needed elsewhere, Devon and Amber were able to steal moments together to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the cooling kiss of the water, their touch, their companionship.  Then duty would call and they would rush off again to help one of the visitors, one of the many thankless tasks of their daily lives.  Sometimes the youngest ones would know enough to say thank you, but it was a rare occurrence and seemed to be getting even more scarce with each new sunrise.

From their perch on the dock, as they reflected on the day, their arms intertwined, their bodies leaning towards each other, they marveled at the stillness of the lake.  So many people were playing, splashing, rowing, swimming, from sun up until the moments before it set into the horizon that the lake seemed normal only when it was choppy.  It was easy to forget that calm was normal too.

That didn’t deter them from letting their fins dip into the water to create a few tiny ripples swirling away from them as they kissed.  Then they slipped back into the water as the sun disappeared to rest up for the next day.  The ripples in the water were the only evidence they had been there at all.


Since I was a bit late this week, and had already read a couple other responses, I wanted to do something a bit different.  Hopefully, you didn’t catch on that they weren’t human until the very end.  Anyway, this was my response to this week’s Once More with Feeling prompt provided moi.

What do you see when you look at the picture?  Write it, link it, post it!

66 thoughts on “ripples in the water

  1. You’re not going to believe this. The first thing I do when I come to a new post is to scroll down to see how long it is. Not just you. Anyone. Do I have the time? Can I pay the proper attention it deserves? I scrolled down to the bottom of this post and the first thing I read was, “Hopefully, you didn’t catch on that they weren’t human…” Boy, did THAT take the air out of it! Otherwise, a lovely, effective piece.

    • Hahahaha
      Oh man. Okay, lesson learned. Put word counts near the top (or in the subject) so that you know what you are getting yourself into. No more stories spoiled!!

      • Well, then knock it off!! 😉
        I wasn’t going to do that, but I know some bloggers who do put the word counts in their subject… That always confused me, but I guess it makes some sense from this context.

      • You’re darn tootin’ it makes sense. Listen…if you have a 1,700 word post–and I’ve seen them–I need to know up-front. I don’t want to speed through it and miss the gist because I have to be somewhere in :15 minutes. I’m being respectful to the material.

      • Hey! My posts aren’t usually that long!
        Okay, sometimes they are around 1,200. And I know there is at least on 2,000.
        What can I say, sometimes I get wordy. 😛
        And, no worries. That’s awesome that you make sure you can give the proper time to something before starting it rather than just diving in, getting halfway done, running out of time and clicking like to call it good enough.

  2. I did not catch on they were not human until the end – I thought they were lifeguards until the very end. You said you didn’t mind if I corrected your boo-boos, so here comes Grammar Nazi: Last sentence, 2nd paragraph: “their” s/b “there”

  3. I kind of saw it coming but only because I remember once reading a story someone wrote about spring break and the girls on the beach, and it could have been from the POV of two boys or two older men or two sharks checking the girls out.

      • My sister told me to download flappy birds. Fortunately I’m not very good, have only managed to score a 7 by sheer fluke, so I don’t play it so often. There’s a gem swap thing that I’m quite addicted to, and also coin dozer, both of which I should delete as they can cause me to lose hours!

      • I dare not add that app. Nor half the apps my family have – but they’re all on iPads and I’m on an HP slate7 so I’m saved from some of them! The add the book of faces into the mix, and keeping up with some of the prolific writers on here and it’s bye-bye writing time!

      • I’d say stop reading so much so you can write some more… but, I can’t actually tell you to do that. 😉 It’s hard finding that compromise of time. I have the same problem.

      • I have it set so that certain blogs only email me once a week, rather than on every post. I’ve spent today catching up on the reading, but I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep on top of it. The thing that knocks me back is having to have retreat days (once a month) which mean no internet, and then the emails start to build up.

      • Twice a year I step away from techonology to spend a week in the mountains… and, yeah, the pile of emails when I get back is always more than a bit daunting.

      • Last time I managed to catch up was when I was on rest with my family. Fortunately they didn’t think me anti social for being online as they all were too. Maybe next time you go away, set it so you only get weekly emails from each blogger? Then again, you’d have to remember to change it back which is a total pain. At least with the WP app I can now rely on that for comment notifications, so I only get the ones addressed to me and not the comments made by others after I’ve commented on a post.

      • I don’t get that many emails from bloggers right now… I mostly just rely on my readers. But, I have several sites bookmarked that take me forever to get caught up on when I miss them for a couple days. And, I get a ton of emails from everything else I’m subscribed to. Yes, most of it is junk but there can be gems hidden in there too.

      • More prolific? I already more than once a day on average? Some weeks it works out to twice a day… Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever post more than that.

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