bright moon on the horizon
Credit: Chania Allen

The nearly full moon was bright as it approached the horizon this morning despite the wisps of fog and cloud that floated across its surface.  If ever there were a Wolf Moon, I had the distinct impression its time was near.

I knew I should drive away from it.  I should put distance between it and me so that it would slip beyond the surface of the world that much faster, so its powers over my portion of the world would diminish that much faster.  But, it had power over me too.  I felt drawn to its glow.

I felt drawn to its possibilities.

Turning towards the orb, I could hear the wolves calling out around me.  Their howls echoed between the world and the moon.  Their voices raised in shared triumph, and I shivered and smiled at the same time.  There was danger and dread, but there was freedom as well.  My skin crawled as the light washed over me.

I realized my voice had joined the others.  It felt right.  It felt natural.

But, something wasn’t quite right.  The timing was off.  The dream vanished and the only voice I could hear was my own.  It trailed off to a hoarse whisper of the mighty howl it had been.  The tingling of my skin was nothing but the chill of the morning walking over me.  The moon held no real power over me or the world.


Tomorrow it would truly be full.  Tomorrow anything would be possible.

65 thoughts on “freedom

    • The great thing about having a word for the year, is you have all year to get there.
      The great thing about having a word like “freedom” as your word for the year, is that success is based more on the journey than the actual outcome. So, my friend, I wish you many happy adventures on your journey to freedom this year.

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