the wrong warning

“Moira, why must you listen to that same song constantly?  Can’t you mix it up a little bit?”

Moira stuck her tongue out at her mom in response and then turned the music up louder.

Her mom shook her head and said, “You keep making that face, it will stick one day.”  Then she closed the door behind her as she exited into the hall.

Moira hadn’t heard her mom’s warning, the song was much too loud for that, but she knew her mom had said it all the same.  It was the game they’d been playing over the last couple of days, ever since she had found the song that resonated within her soul.  Her mom didn’t, couldn’t, understand that.

Safely alone in her room again, she bounced off the bed and began dancing around while singing along to the lyrics.


An hour later, Moira’s mom returned to her daughter’s room.  She had reached the end of her tolerance for the inane song.  “Moira, that’s enough…,” she started, but her daughter’s room was empty.

Frantically, she looked everywhere, and when the closet turned up empty and there was nothing under the bed, and her daughter was nowhere to be found in the rest of the house either, she returned to Moira’s bed and sat down, defeated, worried.  Only then did she realize the song was still playing at full blast.  She stood up to silence the absurd noise when she noticed something off about it, and yet familiar at the same time.

Listening intently, fulling engaged, she gasped in horror as she realized what had happened.  It was Moira’s voice, added to the song, that she had noticed.  She had always admonished her daughter about making funny faces, but she had never thought to warn that she might get stuck in the music.


Hooray for silliness!  Did any of your parents ever warn you about your face getting stuck if you made funny faces at your siblings?

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51 thoughts on “the wrong warning

    • Could be. Some fluke thing that got handed down from generation to generation.
      Or, I wonder if there was an old fable linked to it… some story we were supposed to learn something valuable from.

  1. yes of course my mother warned me – and great twist. I love your mind.

    I’ve written to you before about fauxpocalypse and I have a question. Could you please e mail me?

  2. I know I’m going to sound like a nag (or worse a Grammer Nazi) here, but look how much nicer this sentence could be: but she had never thought to warn THAT she might get stuck in the music. (s/b but she had never thought to warn she might get stuck in the music.) The word “that” is a qualifier as in “I want that piece of cake, not the green one.” When it’s used to link parts of sentences it makes your writing look lazy. I love the way you write & so I can’t help but want to make it better. You can nag back now if you wish.

  3. Ha! That was my Grandma. I think I may have cancelled that one with my own children, although I do ask them “what’s going on with your face” you know, just to let them know that I know everything they are thinking! Ahhh, the magic of being a parent.

    • I don’t think my mom ever said it to me or my brother. But it is such a well known saying… through TV shows, through friends, etc… It is a pervasive part of our culture.

      • Interesting… so we are comparing link drops to ringing bells. Okay, I can work with that.
        I am truly sorry for the ear worm. I don’t mind this one that much, though. It’s better than… well, I’d say it, but I don’t want that stuck in your head too.

      • But… you take one down and pass it around. The song is all about learning how to share. It’s brilliant!!

        I’ve got a song gets on everybody’s nerves, everybody’s nerves. I’ve got a song gets on everybody’s nerves. The song gets on everybody’s nerves. Second verse, same as the first, but a whole lot louder and a whole lot worse!
        I’VE GOT A SONG GETS ON ….

    • Yep, it would definitely make a good episode. Now, we just have to get them to start making the show again. You pitch the idea to the TV execs and I’ll start working on some more scripts. 😉

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