the final straw

After centuries of keeping their existence a secret, the Grand Council convened and decided it was time for them to show themselves to the world.

They had suffered silently through witch hunts, vicious rumors and exaggerated tales of destruction, via oral tradition, literature, and, more recently, theatrical depictions.  The tales varied in their accuracy from ill-conceived to fairly close to the true nature of their being.  But, the key aspect of all the tales was the theme that vampires should be feared.  That suited their purpose.  Fear does not lend itself to discovery.

However, due to a recent series of books, and the aftermath of movies, the power of the word “vampire” had lost its luster, its spark, its trepidation.  They were a joke.  They were pretty boys and girls who sparkled in sunlight.  The council could not abide such a giant shift in public opinion, and a unanimous vote decided the future of all vampires.  Rather than waiting around to be discovered they would go forth and remind humans that vampires should be feared.

Later that week, during a United Nations session, the non-sparkling vampires walked into the room.  At first there was only mild interest in the disruption to the proceedings.  Guards were called to escort the trespassers quickly and peacefully from the building.  When those guards were ripped limb from limb, panic set in, pandemonium set in, fear set in.

Argyle, head of the Grand Council projected his voice, sending it booming around the hall, and forcing the members to cower in silent terror, “Vampires are real, and we shall not be mocked!”

The news channels covering the proceedings of the member nations, quickly scrambled to switch graphics and replace the scene with talking heads.  But, it was too late, they had already captured a portion of the carnage that followed.  The videos spread across the internet and knowledge of the vampires’ existence reached every corner of the globe by sundown.

After laying waste to all those in attendance, and taking in a weeks worth of blood, the vampires disappeared to walk hidden among the humans again.


Word Count: 349

This bit of silliness brought to you in response to: Papi Prompt! #12:

What: 500 word maximum flash fiction story
Use the following: The non-sparkling vampires walked into the room… 
When: Due before next Monday (2/10) to be included in the results.

Want to join in the fun?  Write your own bit of flash fiction and then link it back to the original prompt or leave a link in the comments over there.  Come on!  We need to get this turned around and remember the awesomeness of non-sparkling vampires.

54 thoughts on “the final straw

      • I don’t know if I’ll make this one. Work is crazy today! Ummm not that I write at work….

        Does he do a prompt each week?

      • I think so. It seems that way. Rara sent me his direction (she gave me the link two weeks ago and I’m just not getting around to it. Bad Jester!)…

        I don’t* write at work either.

        *This may or may not be true.

  1. Make into movie! Don’t skimp on the gore, either. By the way, when they’re in the UN, if they could rip Putin to pieces first, I’d appreciate that. Little bastard.

  2. I know a vampire, she works at the local lab, doing blood tests and suchlike. Seriously, I spent a lot of time in LARP (Live Action Role Playing) games pretending to be a vampire. This is why, when I learned there was a variety that sparkled, the vampire in me scoffed and said, “Fools.”

    • The vampire in you is very wise. 😉
      I donated blood awhile ago, and since then the vampires have been hot on my trail. They call me. They mail things to me. They stalk me. Asking for more and more and more. Beware the vampires of the Red Cross.

  3. I agree with you – vampires have become way too “cute” lately! They need to be remembered as monsters to be feared to keep their appeal. What so few young fans seem to remember lately: you can’t “get it up” if you’re dead & don’t have blood flowing through your veins!

  4. I’m in Whitby. Home of the original Dracula. He definitely wasn’t handsome. He was scary and frightening. And he’s not buried in the churchyard, although it would be kind of cool if he was!

    It’s about time that the scary myths and legends re-gained their scare factor.

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