A squirrel and a possum were foraging in a clearing one day.  While they normally hunted at different times, the cache of food was too good to leave.  They understood that they posed no threat to each other and decided to happily share the space and treasure.

They were nearly done with their foraging when a beautiful unicorn stepped clear of the foliage.  The shadows dared not touch her and she walked forward in a bubble of light.  Her mane and tail shimmered as though the hair was imbued with prisms.  Her white coat was so bright it was painful to behold.  Her horn, long, slender, and straight, rose from her head, sharp enough to pierce the heavens.

“Squirrel.  Possum.  You lucky two have witnessed my yearly journey across the land and if you come forward and pay homage to me I will grant you each one wish,” the mighty creature addressed them and her voice silenced the surrounding forest.

Timidly, and shivering from the momentousness of the occasion, the squirrel and possum inched forward and then bowed low in front of the unicorn.

“What would you like?”

“Nothing, I’m good,” the squirrel immediately replied, backing away from the towering creature of white.

The possum, thought about it for a couple seconds and then replied, “No, your majesty, there is nothing I need right now.”

“As you wish,” the unicorn responded with a bow of her own.  Then she stepped through to the other side of the clearing and eventually disappeared in the thicket of bushes and trees.

The squirrel and possum, held in thrall, watched until she slipped from sight and then they returned to foraging.  The squirrel finished first and turned to the possum, grinning from ear to ear, “I’ve got to get back to the nest.  They aren’t going to believe this.”

The possum looked up, a glint in his eye, “I know, this is the best food cache I’ve seen in ages.”


This bit of silliness was written for Evil Squirrel’s Contest.  The rules are pretty simple:  be creative (however you want to do that – fiction, sculpture, feature length film) and include a squirrel, a possum, and a unicorn.  He’s giving away two (up to) $20 gifts from his Cafe Press store, which is a super awesome prize.  So, be creative, link it to the contest, and see if you are one of the winners!

26 thoughts on “unbelievable

    • Oh, I’m not setting the bar high at all. This bit of silliness… There are too many creative people out there. Someone will draw something for him, or actually come up with that joke where they all walk into the bar, or write and play a symphonic overture all about their life in the forest…

      • LOL. I read it twice, once with his characters in my head and the dialogue and then with your images and the dialogue. Both were funny.

        I don’t think I am going to have time to participate, so I plan to cheer everyone else on instead 🙂

    • *bows* Thank you.
      Though, Alice doesn’t think I stand a chance. And, after seeing what Fish of Gold posted… well, I’m not sure any of us stand a chance.

  1. What a punchline! I was expecting the next comment to be about the unicorn. Obviously the two animals were more content than I gave them credit for. Excellent job, DJ Aesop.

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