dining at dusk

 photo Wheat_zpsed1d6587.jpg
Credit: Chris Collins

The sun melted into the horizon with a blending of colors that matched the blending of night and day.  Darkness on the edge.  Blinding light in the center.  Eventually the dark would swallow the light and night would engulf the sky and the world below.

The creatures waited just below the surface.  They couldn’t see that the sun was setting but they could feel the temperature of the soil began to drop.  They knew it was almost time to erupt from their dens and go in search of food.  Anticipatory drool dripped from the corners of their mouths.

As the last trace of light vanished, they rose from their hiding spots and spread across the land.  Most humans had grown wise to their hunting habits, but there were still plenty of foolish and feeble ones who lack the foresight to keep them at bay each night.

They feasted well and the darkness was filled with the screams from their victims.


I know the darkness in the story is bit of a disconnect from the beauty and light of the picture.  And while I didn’t necessarily do that on purpose, while I was studying the image and looking for inspiration I noticed that the angle of the shot seemed to come from the ground (up through the tall grass).  While thinking about what could have that view I decided it needed to be something evil under ground that was eagerly awaiting the sunset.  And, there you go.

This picture came from moi’s new series of Once More With Feeling prompts.  While I didn’t stick to the guidelines of the prompt, I don’t think he’ll mind since he said it was okay to approach it the same as his old Picture Writing Prompts if we chose to do so.  As this week is going to be all about fiction for me, that’s exactly what I chose to do.

How about you?  What do you see when you look at this picture?  Check out the new guidelines.  Or just go with a bit of fiction.  But, either way, write it, link it, post it, and play along.

31 thoughts on “dining at dusk

  1. I just read the challenge guidelines. I do like the overall idea, I might need to look at this one as I try to expand my writing horizons LOL.

    I like the direction your story took; Good point about the angle and the point of view.

  2. Chills – I got chills and I could hear the screams! I am a big fan of evilness and horror so I like what you did with this photo prompt.

  3. I’m pretty sure this is how I’m gonna be taken out… thanks for the chills. Do you always write these things in response to prompts in isolation, or do you ever continue them?

    • It’s amazing how one picture can inspire so many different perspectives, stories, tales, insights.
      If I looked at that picture every day for a month I could probably find a new way to approach and write something completely different.

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