Contest Wrap-Up

Do you know why there are no longer any book pictures at the top of this post?

Because all the books have been won.

Yesterday’s Comment Contest winner = Not A Punk Rocker (AKA Sheena)!

At 9:50AM PST there were 190 comments on the post.  I worked my Excel magic (yes, I just like to say the word magic.  MAGIC! MAAAAAAGICK!) and it produced the random number 163.  I worked backwards from the end again and came to this lovely comment:


Thanks again for everyone who played along in the shenanigans this week.  It was a lot of fun.  And maybe I’ll do it again soon.

But next week?  Next week will be all about the writing.  The words have been piling up again and I have to unleash them before they explode out my nose.  It has happened before and it isn’t much fun to clean up.

Trust me.



51 thoughts on “Contest Wrap-Up

  1. Such wit and wisdom in that comment. You should have more contests on days I have afternoon webinars 🙂

    Awesome, and thank you!

  2. I’m so sorry I missed it DJ. I am back on board now I promise! Life has been one hectic, crazy rollercoaster ride over here. I feel like you do when you’ve been on the trampoline too long, you get off and your head is still stuck there bouncing. My feet are just touching ground. I will be back now. Let’s play!

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