Comment Contest (also known as Jester Fail)

Yesterday’s Scavenger Hunt Contest winner = Evil Squirrel!

Is there any other kind?  Aren’t all squirrels evil?  This might require further research…Anyway, I wanted to give everyone who played yesterday the win.  They were all great.  Arden gave us cats.  Exile on Pain Street gave us Donald Trump as The Jester.  Polysyllabic Profundities gave us the very best silly.  The Cutter gave us Kingdom Come (one of the greatest comics ever written and drawn).  If I had five books to give away, I would have.But, I only had one to give away, and it went to ES because:

little prince

You see?  It was the choice that had to be made.


signed fauxpocalypse contestOne last book.  One last game.  One last winner.  Maybe it will be you.

This is kind of a fail, but I couldn’t come up with a game for today.  I’ve been thinking about it for a couple days now.  I even enlisted the help of The Queen and Zoe and a bunch of other bloggers, but, for the most part, I think they thought I was joking that I needed help.  (Zoe and The Queen did give me good ideas, to be fair.)

So, for today’s contest, we are going to reprise Monday’s contest.  So, if you want the final signed copy of Fauxpocalypse, leave a comment, leave 50 comments, and tomorrow morning I will use a random number generator to pick the winning comment. 

So, what’s on your mind?  Have you agreed with my winners the last four days?  Who would you have picked instead?  Why should you definitely get the last book?


192 thoughts on “Comment Contest (also known as Jester Fail)

  1. I’m going to leave 400 comments. I can’t believe my cats didn’t win it for me! MY LIFE IS NOW MEANINGLESS IF CATS CAN’T WIN ME THINGS!

    • You need to get in on this!
      I wrote a book (technically, I’m just one of 12 contributors in an anthology), it was published. I’m giving away signed copies of it.
      Okay. I think you are caught up.
      All you have to do to win today is leave some comments. Every comment you leave ups your chances at victory.

  2. I think your winners have all been worthy, I was totally stuck by yesterdays challenge and whelped on it big time, which was a shame, but hey ho… it’s Friday and such things are in the past. The weekend is before us… Great challenges to give away the books, I only hope the random number generator gods fall in my favour.

    • May luck ever be in your fortune, or future, or something like that. Totally butchering the quote from The Hunger Games series.

      Anyone want to correct me on it?

      And no worries about yesterday. It must have just been a bad day for most people because only 5 people ended up playing… and one of those played this morning.

      Hooray for Friday!

      • watched?
        Read the books!!
        They’ll take you one weekend to get through. They are super fast reads. And, while they aren’t prize winning literature, they are worth the time.

      • No problem.
        I put off reading them for a long time because I thought they probably weren’t as good as the hype. But, when the first movie came out, the trailers looked interesting so I read the first one, and then I read the next two the following day. Of course, that was pre-Little Prince so I could still spend all day reading if I wanted.

      • I liked it from the books.
        But then actually hearing her say it in the movies kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and now I use it less. It just feels… creepy. And wrong.

      • It is rather creepy how she says it, isn’t it?

        Definitely used a different tone of voice in my head in the reading of it, in the movie they made it sound obnoxious and like she’s mocking them. Which may well be how it was meant in the book as well but being decent human beings we made it sound like she meant it sincerely in our heads.

      • Yep, exactly. From the books I felt she was being earnest… like she believed the words and high hopes for sector 12.
        In the movie it is devoid of hope, she’s sending them out to die and she knows it… but, she doesn’t necessarily care because she made it there and back and that’s all that matters to her.

        Should we be stating “spoiler alert” for this conversation?

      • Oh yeah, we probably should be shouldn’t we?


        I really liked the books, having only seen the first movie I can say it wasn’t bad at all but I still liked the book better! Did you see the second one yet?

        And yeah, I totally agree with you on the high hopes thing. Why can’t I remember what that character’s name was? It’s pretty bad when you’re too lazy to google lol

      • Well, it’s Friday so I think Laziness just isn’t accepted, it’s expected.

        Haven’t seen the second movie yet, but have heard that it was “well done.” Whatever that means. I was a bit disappointed in the first movie… not sure why. Maybe simply because most of the characters didn’t match up at all to the image I had in my head for them. Sometimes that is all it takes to throw me off.

        Of course, then you have movies like the HP series where they characters didn’t align at first, but by the end they are all I could picture anymore. Same is true of LOTR.

      • That’s the problem with us “read the book first” types, the movies never (or very rarely) match what we’ve created in our heads.

        HP and LOTR, agree again! HP especially since it was fresh in my head when those came out. LOTR I hadn’t read since childhood so, it wasn’t as much of a “hey, hold up here …” or maybe it was just the distraction of Legolas. Honestly if I knew elves looked like Orlando Bloom I would have been an Elf fan a lot sooner. Though they sort of reminded me of Vulcans in the movie …

  3. Wow, I am speechless! I feel like I did when I won Alice’s Sparklepony contest… giddily happy, yet shocked that I beat out all the wonderful competition! Thank you for giving me the excuse to whip up some new artwork, and I shall reply to your email immediately!

    • I couldn’t believe you went to the effort to “whip up some new artwork.” But, maybe that’s because drawing, while something I loved, was never something I was good at so I see it as this great challenge.

  4. I’ve been in a bubble of sick all week and missed the contests. Which is sad. So now I shall leave you endless comments about nothing much in particular because I want the book.

  5. Of course, at the moment I have so many books the husband is thinking of moving out of the bedroom. He built shelves to cover an entire wall and it is full. They are stuffed under the bed and I bought those little bed lift things so I could fit more under there. There is even a stack that masquerades as an end table and is holding up the Xbox.

    • Bit of a hectic morning, as I may have already said. Fell back to sleep after my alarm went off and got up 50 minutes late. Thank goodness for The Queen. She saved me.

      • One…how does that work if you are on the other side of the country? I think I am being ripped off somehow…

      • Hahaha, it’s okay for now. When I started this job I thought it was going to be a problem but since I was getting out most days around 5 anyway, it wasn’t too bad to transition to an hour earlier. Then again, I did fall back to sleep after my alarm this morning… so…. maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

      • Do you have to drive far? My commute is what keeps me from getting rest. not too bad, but not the best either.

      • 32 miles. 40 to 45 minutes in the morning. Up to 90 minutes in the afternoon. Though, with my new schedule it is closer to 45 minutes more days than it used to be. And it’s only 90 minutes now when there is an accident.

      • That’s not too bad, considering. Afternoon commutes are always the worst I think, regardless of where you are going or coming from.

        I’m 52 miles, 50 minutes in the morning, hour in the afternoon unless accident or snow/rain/clouds in the air.

      • Well, hopefully it won’t have to do it for too much longer! Most weeks I do get to work from home two days, so that helps too.


      • Jealous!!
        I actually worked from home for the first couple months after the Little Prince was born. And… it was nice, but I didn’t get much done.

      • My days are good until the kid comes home and fires up the xBox while I am trying to work.

        Enter…the headphones!

      • I think I’d get distracted more by the movement than by the noise. Seeing him move around, or just the screen flashing from the game he is playing. That would distract me completely.

      • Minecraft. A sea of green, grey and blue with graphics my atari could have rendered. But they love it.

      • Hah, funny how we have somewhat reverted to games with terrible graphics again. The systems come out with this beautiful games, and we choose to play old school style games, or games on our phones, or…

      • Yeah, I heard him challenging someone to a Pong tournament the other day. I was like “I wanna play!”

        I don’t think I am ever going to grow up completely LOL

      • Which means, one of the one-comment people will get it.

        Isn’t it ironic…dontcha think?

        OK, gone now. 🙂

      • I knew it was wrong in the song.
        I think I knew it was wrong in the song.
        Enough people have said it was wrong, that I have chosen to believe them and nod my head in agreement.

  6. I was so looking forward to participating in your games, but here I am on Friday having done nothing but easy comments! I am sad and sorry. I hope you have more games even without prizes – yes, I said it. If I hadn’t gotten so distracted writing poems about the news, I would have been a much more avid participant even without prizes. I enjoyed perusing all the silliness nonetheless!

    • Your request for more games has been duly noted. I’ll see what I can do. 😉
      And, you are entered into today’s contest just by commenting, so, perhaps you will win. It could definitely happen.

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