finish the prompt contest

Yesterday’s contest winner = Unremarkable Man!

The royal court gathered over food and drink, as all such things should go, and devoured both our physical and mental sustenance as we cleaned our plates and read through the offered haikus.  We laughed.  We cringed.  We smiled.  The Queen offered her input.  The Little Prince offered his.  Even the Jester’s Mom threw in her picks.

And, when the time for discussion was over and the time for choosing had come, the choice was simple, for only the Devil could have created something as vile as Tuesdays:

unremarkable man haiku

We also really enjoyed the image that Controlled Chaos showed us:

CC runnerup haiku

And I would be remiss if I did not mention that Grayson Queen deserved some credit for Monday’s victory too.  He started the conversation that led to the victory.  Or, something like that.  I’m not really sure of much at this point, my head is full of contests and silliness.


signed copies of Fauxpocalypse

Take one down, pass it to the winner, only 3 Fauxpocalypse books left to win.  Or something like that.  And why do I have a sudden hankering for a beer?

Anyway, on with today’s challenge!

Finish this prompt:

If TV killed the radio star, then it is perfectly reasonable to assume that TV will be killed by _________.

I’ll be judging the responses personally.  (Hooray for The Jester.)  Feel free to leave everything from one word comments to well articulated posts linked back as responses.  I’m not sure what I’m looking for, so I can’t really give you any hints about what is more likely to win.  But, it’s me, so you know anything silly is bound to catch my eye.  Plus, I’ll be posting the winner’s information tomorrow morning so the clock is ticking.

What do you think?  What will eventually kill off TV?

106 thoughts on “finish the prompt contest

  1. First, I don’t think that TV killed the radio star as much as forced the radio star to evolve into something different. Stars were still on the radio, but they also had to be concerned with appearance and the like.

    Similarly, internet is thought to be “killing” TV, but in reality it is causing an evolution in it. TV can no longer be defined as signals we watch via antenna or cable. It is now supplied to us on demand, on our phones, and our computers.

    Short answer: Nothing is killing TV, but the internet is causing it to evolve into something new.

    • Oh. Good answer. But… evolution? TV? That would required cable and satellite companies to change… do you really think that’s going to happen? They’ve been fleecing us for so long….

      • They are extinct because they either couldn’t figure out how to evolve to changing customer demands or there wasn’t a way for them to. They same could happen to TV… I know they are trying to do things to adapt, but if they adapt too slowly they will go extinct too.

  2. Video. Video killed the radio star.

    Just had to clear that up. I’ll be back with an actual answer later. Hopefully.

    • Hahaha. I like the sledgehammer response. 🙂

      Really? Nothing will ever replace TV? At some point won’t we have displays that tap directly into our brains… no need for screens, we see only what we are sending straight to our visual cortex?

  3. We have breaking news: in 1978 it was reported that Video, the insidiously charming entertainer, killed the extremely popular announcer, Radio. Today we come on air to announce that Video himself was destroyed in a club shooting. Details are sketchy at best but eyewitnesses purport that a carload of masked thugs perpetrated the crime. One young club goer quoted to this reporter, “I seen the whole thing, dude. It was horrible. They pulled up in an SUV with spinner rims and started shooting at Video. We all hit the deck but I looked up when they was pullin off. It looked like the PS4’s man.” The PS4’s, a notorious gang of thrill-seekers, had been called the source of an announcement a few years ago that indicated they were going after Video, but those reports were never confirmed. Again, PS4 killed the star, Video. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

  4. by… streaming

    streaming killed the TV star does really have that kinda ring about it though does it, you certainly couldn’t make it into a song.although imo what is more likely to kill TV is the “utter crap useless programs that they make these days, reality TV shows galore” that definitely doesn’t rhyme and definitely wont be made into a some though

    • Haha, no… not quite catchy enough for songs. But, the idea that TV kills itself is a good one. Either suicide trying to get away from the reality shows, or neglect from audiences turning away from them.

  5. well, surely it would be the Radio Star’s Mum, wouldn’t it?
    I mean, have you read Beowulf? Look who turned up when he slew Grendel. Admittedly in that case [SPOILERS!] he also slew Grendel’s Mum, but who knows what would happen here? I think TV has been letting itself go lately….

    • I love it!! Books, yes, another example of the wheel turning back around. Oral tradition leads to written tradition leads to Honey Boo-Boo leads back to books as a way to escape.

      • And the final TV show should be Honey Boo Boo reading a book instead of drinking Go Go Juice and watching the pet pig poo on the table. (I should clarify, I’ve never actually SEEN the show, but I’ve read about her kid-unfriendly drink of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. I have more important things to watch. Like The Big Bang Theory and King of the Nerds…)

  6. I’m hoping for virtual reality. We’ll all be IN the shows! SAY WHAT? It’s gonna be awesome 🙂

    That is, until I get eaten by zombies, or Hannibal. Or killed by Joe Carroll. I think I need to start watching happier shows…

    • Yeah. Happier shows. We could all be on Big Bang Theory and have Sheldon and them make fun of us because we aren’t as smart as them. We will get to share eye rolls with Penny, and hang out at the comic book store!!

  7. Congratulations to my husband, unremarkable man, for writing the winning haiku for yesterday’s contest! 🙂

    And thank you, DJ, for featuring one of my haikus in this post. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😀

    Now, I’m not submitting this as an entry for today’s contest ’cause there’s already been one winner in my household and I don’t want to be greedy, but my thought on your prompt today is that TV will be killed by just that: Greed. The greed of the cable and satilite companies will kill TV. They will continue to raise and raise their prices thinking that they will always be able to get away with it because they think people will always just continue to pay them. Until one day they raise their prices too high and people decide that there are better things that they can spend their money on and cancel their subscriptions.

    • Greed is a good one (or bad one, really). I’ve watching my rates move higher and higher and am getting close to cancelling my subscription. I’m not there yet, but soon.
      However, I do wonder if people start to leave in droves with the companies will back pedal and offer discounts to woo customers back. As we are right now I think they would be able to do that. Just as Netflix was able to survive the 100% increase and splitting of their company and then quick backtrack to a different system a couple years ago. We are too hooked on the product for enough of us to walk away and stay away to hurt them.

      • True. I think in order for the greed of companies to kill TV, people would have to find other things to replace TV after they cancelled their subscriptions and not be interested in getting their subscriptions back anymore. But it would still be greed that killed TV because people never would have realized they didn’t need TV if the companies never drove them away.
        And I kind of wonder if part of the reason why Netflix was able to survive that was because even with the 100% increase, their prices are still *much* lower than cable? Well, at least for streaming, which is what I have with them. I haven’t checked out the price for the DVD service in a while.

      • Yes, the Netflix prices were still very reasonable. And, compared to cable, they were dirt cheap. I understood that at the time, but I still walked away because I didn’t like the way it was handled. And, for the most part, I haven’t missed Netflix. But, with the Little Prince for entertainment, I don’t watch much TV these days either.

      • And it’s when you realize that you are paying for something that you hardly ever use anymore that you start to question if it’s worth paying for it anymore. That’s where I’m at with my cable subscription right now. But although I’ve gone without cable before and was fine, I know I always end up missing it. And so I continue to pay for it because I’m afraid I’ll end up regreting getting rid of it… You’re right, we’re too hooked on their product. 😛

      • The only reason I’m hanging onto my cable right now is because it gives me the sports I can’t get anywhere else. Once streaming games becomes more of thing, then I’ll cancel cable and pay to get a better bandwidth for my internet connection instead.

  8. If TV killed the radio star, then it is perfectly reasonable to assume that TV will be killed by _________. the I-Phone! No one in the younger generation actually looks at anything but their screens anyway – they selfie, they IM even when they are standing next to each other! The next generation of humans are going to come out of the womb with their heads bowed over an outstretched hand shaped into the perfect holder for the newest, latest & greatest device!

    • Let me say then, that I am very thankful the Little Prince seems to have been born before that generation, because while he will happily chew on anything you hand to him, we haven’t lost him completely to screens and gadgets. He’s just as happy with a sock as he is with one of our phones.

      • Well, not to win, but in response to today’s question – in one sense, TV is already dead. I remember big clunky boxes, with rabbit ear antennas, and no remote control. No matter what you did, the picture was always grainy and static-y. That TV is dead and gone. I think that even the flatter boxes we generally see today will disappear too, possibly replaced with things like TV contact lenses or something. Maybe even the whole sci-fi computer in your skull type thing. One question I have is what happens if you have a computer in your head, and it crashes?

      • Head computer crashes definitely seem like a bad thing. “Sorry, can’t help you right now, all I see is blue… yeah, going to have to reboot.”
        Great response. I had considered the fact that the TVs we have now are hardly comparable to the original TVs and how it could be argued that TVs are already dead. I’m glad you brought it up.

      • Little Dude and his friends are pretty obsessed with Minecraft.

        They Hear No Adult Voices when they play Minecraft. It’s a bit scary.

        By the way, he was SO excited to actually see his name listed on your blog with the bonus points. That was really sweet!

      • I get it. That’s kind of how I am when the TV is on. 😛

        Glad he had fun playing along with the tug-of-war. I really enjoyed his guest post. And I actually thought it was going to tip the scales in the favor of DC. It was sheer luck that all the extra points balanced out.

      • He loves reading blogs.

        And now he likes writing them. I’ve agreed to let him guest blog – probably once a month.

        He wants to blog-rant about how a 10 year old character on “The Walking Dead” is allowed to have a gun to fight zombies – and I don’t even allow him toy guns.


      • I wasn’t allowed toy guns either. My parents didn’t even like squirt guns.
        But… we did have real guns in the house. And we learned how to clean them, take cae of them, fire them, respect them from a very early age.

        That being said. They aren’t for everybody. And, the world from The Walking Dead is not the world we live in. Perhaps if zombies were walking the earth you would allow him toy guns so that, heaven forbid, he ever had the need to use a real one he would be more comfortable with it.

      • I’ll let him blog about it.

        It’s his first amendment right, after all.

        I’ll read him this comment. I think you just gave him a good opening argument.

      • I did?
        I thought I was giving you support…
        Dang. I must be tired.
        Want me to keep typing and see if I can come up with something different?

      • hahahaha

        wait, isn’t it early there? It’s almost midnight here on the East Coast. Wouldn’t that make it around 9 for you?

      • Yes. 9. But, I get up at 4… am at work by 5:30… and the little prince isn’t exactly letting us sleep through the night at the moment. So, yeah, tired.

      • Oh, I feel for you.

        Is he cutting molars? I remember Little Dude not sleeping at all from 9-10 months with his molars.

        Just. Awful. Almost like when he was first born.

      • I’m pretty sure the molars are coming, yes.

        The drool has ramped up again, and everything is going into the mouth so he can chew on it in the back… so, either molars or he’s just a big weirdo.

    • Really? You’d think that agents would be even more important now because there are so many actors/actresses out there it would be impossible to choose who to invite to casting calls. Agents would be necessary to build relationships with the producers and directors and writers so their clients could make sure to get on the list… Right? Obviously wrong because she is an agent and would know better than me. I’m just curious how it worked out that way…?

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