One side tugged and the other tugged harder

That’s right, the results are in.  The Marvel vs. DC Team Tug-of-War battle royale has finally ended.

The official kingdom tally keeper tallied and counted and added and ran away and then came back and tallied some more.

I must admit that when I started handing out extra points I hadn’t counted on factoring them into the final results.  But then, as I handed out more and more of them I realized I had to.  I swear it was purely coincidental that both teams ended up with exactly 8,000 bonus points:

Team Marvel:
The Cutter received 1,000 points for the thoroughness of his argument.
Laura Lord received 1,000 points for pointing out that Spongebob is mightier than Aquaman.
Brother Jon received 1,000 points for basing his argument on stability.
Grayson Queen received 1,000 points for showing us all X-Babies.
J. Milburn received 1,000 points for sheer brilliance.
ElectronicBagLady received 1,000 points for admitting that her moral compass came from Uncle Ben and Aunt May.
C.C. received 1,000 points for using definitions to decide who to support.
CK Hope received 1,000 points for reminding us all it isn’t wise to anger The Hulk.  He punched one god and repeatedly bashed another into the ground.

Team DC:
Sarah Brekke received 1,000 points for pointing out that goth is part of Gotham.
Little Dude received 1,000 points because he’s ten, and his post was fantastic.
Zoe received 1,000 points for picking sides early and pulling with all her might even when the odds were stacked against her.
NotAPunkRocker received 1,000 points for pointing out that no matter what else Marvel has, they will always have the sorrow of being affiliated with Howard the Duck.
FaithHopeChocolate received 1,000 points for referencing Bones.
AreYouFinishedYet initially received 1,000 points for reminding us all to party responsibly and then received a second 1,000 points for being Freshly Pressed.
Rara received 1,000 points for only using the comics to decide which side of the rope to support.

See?  Evenly matched in bonus points.  Funny that it worked out that way.

Therefore the real struggle came down to the number of people pulling on each side.  The tally keeper freely admits that he may have missed some.  He did his best but there were so many answers spread out across so many posts that it is likely he did, in fact, miss some.  But, here is what he did come up with:

Team Marvel: 38

The Cutter
Kim @ Tranquil Dreams
Laura Lord
Brother Jon
Grayson Queen
J. Milburn
Controlled Chaos
Ned’s Blog
CK Hope
Sean Smithson
Glow Worm
The Indecisve Eejit
Rebecca Enzor
Maddie Cochere

Madame Weebles


Team DC: 24

The Hook
Sarah Brekke
Sreejit Poole
Little Dude
El Guapo’s wife
Laura Lynn
Nick Powell

Therefore, the trophy, the glory, the victory go to TEAM MARVEL, and Team DC are left in the mud.

Niagara's Mudder League of Justice at Tough Mudder Toronto on Saturday in Barrie.¶From left: Laura Ip (Batwoman), Cheryl Deforge Davidson (Wonder Woman), Brady Wood (Zod, in black) and Grant LaFleche  (Superman)¶Photos special to the Standard by Ryan Hewko.

Big thank you to everyone who played.  Including these wonderful posts:

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What should the next tug-of-war battle be between?  Star Trek and Star Wars?  Clint Eastwood and John Wayne?  Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett?

107 thoughts on “One side tugged and the other tugged harder

  1. Well, I’m a sad Batmite now.

    I was wondering about Star Trek vs. Star Wars, but that is literally religion to some people. Plus, I would have trouble choosing again.

    Peanut M&Ms vs. Regular?
    Crunchy vs. Creamy Peanut Butter?
    Apple vs. Android?

  2. But seriously– well-done everyone! I was so incredibly impressed by the light, humor, and grace of all arguments! And, you know what? I think we have may have converted a few people to geekdom. I call that a win for all. 🙂

    Even though Team DC was clearly better informed. 😉

    • “Better informed?” Rara, knowing is only half the battle. 😛

      But, I agree. It was a victory for all because we drew some people into a wonderful world they may never have explored otherwise. Go Team Marvel and Go Team DC for that accomplishment!

  3. For the wine…I mean win! Can’t wait to tell the mini monster that he helped Team Marvel win…right after I convince him that he can’t dress up as the Devil’s son (bad parenting = letting your five year old watch Ghostrider).

    • I am a fan of Ghostrider comics… the movies? Not so much. Then again, there are important lessons in there that everyone should learn at some point, nothing wrong with learning them early on. 😉
      Did someone say something about wine?

      • My important lesson was not to let my impressionable, villain-loving son watch Ghostrider.

        And I’m always saying something about wine. Do you have any?

        It’s going to snow again…therefore I’m starting a collection to help me survive Spongebob marathons.

      • I do have some wine, yes. But, it’s probably questionable at this point. Old and hasn’t been stored properly. I’ll happily share some whiskey or beer with you, though. I have plenty of that.

      • Crimes against wine.

        The husband is going to get me more. If the snow lasts long enough I may get desperate. Whiskey turns me into a lovely shade of silly-female-on-a-table-who-thinks-she-can-sing.

        Pray we don’t get that much snow.

      • That actually sounds like fun…
        Bring on the snow!

        Or, you could just share with us poor southern California people who only get one season year round.

      • My brother moved to California. As someone who has never left the East Coast only has the right to say:

        Screw your weather patterns.

        It’s like -15 degrees here.

        I don’t even think the words “poor” and “southern California” should be allowed in the same sentence.

  4. Well, it looks like we missed all of the fun. Sad, because I’m a complete comic-holic. Mathair gave me my first book at the age of five, it was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but my uncles gave me first bit of reading material a year before by handing down their collection of old comic books, DC and Marvel alike. I’m definitely torn as I’m more of a Marvel girl, but I have to admit that my fave comic of all time is Batman and my fave comic character of all time is Harley Quinn and I loved the Gotham City Sirens issues. I loved the fact that the sociopathic, narcissistic Joker feared nobody not even Batman, but was terrified of Harley Quinn and her “Fatal Attraction” love affair. Great post.

    • Ah, I’m sad you missed our fun this time around too. Team DC definitely could have used your support!
      The first comic book I ever picked up was a Punisher (Marvel) Summer Special… and then I went out and collected as many as I could. I later strayed to Spiderman and a few other titles, but always stayed within Marvel. I didn’t start reading Superman until I got hooked on the TV show Smallville. And, what can I say, I love the guy. And Batman, well… I’m a fan of the movies and the cartoons, but never got into the books. I guess I was always looking for something a bit lighter when I picked them up to read. Which seems at odds with my love of Punisher, but… Punisher always had a bit of flare/comedy that seemed missing in Batman.

  5. Oh my good God, if you think I’m going to tell Little Dude that team DC didn’t win – well, you will learn all about lying to your child when the Little Prince is a bit older.

    That being said, he’s still walking around the house like a rockstar, sunglasses on, pants slung low, packing two light sabers.

  6. ohhhh, I feel so defeated. And I really started to believe that we were gonna rise up and destroy the empire (sigh)… anyways, in my house the tug of war was always between Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. My sister was for Ella and I for Billie. There was a time that anyone entering our house had to take sides.

  7. Whew, Banner is pleased. Hulk smash adverted!

    Star Wars vs. Star Trek? Oooh that could be deadly!

    Narnia vs. Middle Earth! Or Hershey vs. Cadbury! Or Halloween vs. Christmas! Or Freddy vs. Jason … oh wait, that’s been done …

    • Hahaha, yeah, the Freddy vs. Jason one… I actually enjoyed it more than the Aliens vs. Predator one. 😛
      Narnia vs. Middle Earth could be fun. Though, why anyone would pick Middle Earth is beyond me. Narnia you actually have a chance of getting to, you just have to find the right door.

      • You know, you have a valid point, we don’t know that one could get to Middle Earth from here. Easily anyhow. That would tip the arguments in favor of Narnia for sure, therefore I’d like to (re)suggest Narnia vs. Wonderland!

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